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FDA Discusses Research Concerning Talcum Powder And Cancer As Lawsuit Numbers Climb reports on FDA publications discussing studies concerning talcum powder and cancer risks.

According to the FDA’s science and research page, studies done on rats to evaluate the danger of talcum powder on female genitalia resulted in unfavorable effects. “However,” the page said, “these effects seemed to be in the form of foreign body reactions or infections without specific. This suggests the need for studies with longer exposure periods and more detailed evaluation of the early events in genital system tissue transformation.”

Studies concerning the effects of talcum powder on women are crucial, especially given the suspicion surrounding the products and their link to ovarian cancer. Many women have begun filing suits against companies such as Johnson & Johnson. Over 2,000 plaintiffs have alleged that the company knowingly marketed and sold their talcum powder products with no warnings despite knowing that the products had links to cancer.

Johnson & Johnson has continuously defended itself against such claims, stating that the company has “followed the science” and that no link exists between their products and ovarian cancer. Over the last 40 years, research has been split on whether the alleged link exists. While some studies have found that there is a link between the two, others found evidence inconclusive.

As these lawsuits are expected to grow in number, Banville Law is seeking to help those currently suffering. The firm has many years of experience fighting large pharmaceutical companies who have put dangerous drugs and devices onto the market, foregoing public safety for corporate greed. Attorneys at Banville Law want to assist those who believe they have been directly affected by the use of Johnson’s talcum powder. Affected individuals may be entitled to financial compensation and legal action. Banville Law is currently offering free consultations to individuals who qualify.

For more information, to schedule a consultation or to ask questions contact Banville Law at (888) 976-6742.



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