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Wastewater Solutions Unlimited Improves Water Recycling Treatment to Be Significantly More Energy Efficient

Dallas, TX - November 21, 2016 - (

Wastewater Solutions Unlimited (WSU) has been engaged to implement its newest waste heat capture and steam recompression technology.  This technology significantly reduces the cost of distillation, making it more efficient and significantly more cost effective for clients. In addition, WSU will be able to sell captured salts from flow back and produced water which will offset recycling costs.​

Wastewater Solutions Unlimited is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with facilities in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  WSU’s Initial focus was to remove contaminants from produced and flowbackwater from oil and gas operations.  WSU has also successfully reduced contaminants from raw water which include, but are not limited to, total dissolved solids (TDS) reducing them to less than 10 PPM, reducing total suspended solids (TSS) to less than 10 PPM in addition to reducing heavy metals and boron. The removal of these contaminants is achieved at a cost effective rate which provides water that is suitable for reuse in drilling operations and eliminates the need for injection wells.

During the downturn in the oil and gas industry, WSU designed, manufactured, and tested a system to recapture waste heat and steam. WSU’s system has a powder waste stream of approximately 5% and cleans and recycles 10,000+ bpd of water. Depending on the client’s energy source the cost can be reduced by 60 to 70% for cleaning and recycling operations.

“Using proven technology coupled with a client’s untapped heat source gives WSU an extremely competitive edge over others in the industry. In addition, WSU’s ability to analyze and change the makeup of water on-site while recycling 10,000+ bpd, using a small footprint, and reduced energy cost is a win-win combination for its client and WSU. Depending on the client’s end use WSU can estimate the recycling fee per barrel of $1.00 to $1.50, depending on whether the water will be used for slick water or cross linked gel fracking,” said Kathy Garrett, CEO. The downturn has been unfortunate, but it has given WSU the time to become much more efficient in all aspects of cleaning and recycling water for numerous industries.

This week WSU was selected by one of California’s leading farming companies to provide water treatment without the use of chemicals. WSU will desalinate up to 2,100,000 gallons (50,000 bpd) of brackish water in western Kern County. WSU will deliver the first of several water treatment pods in December of 2016.  The treated water will require boron to be removed and salt levels reduced to acceptable levels for irrigating nut trees on a large acreage. WSU was selected by the client after a yearlong technology assessment and onsite evaluation of WSU’s technology which was compared to many other water cleaning and recycling technologies.

WSU’s goal is to achieve or exceed its client’s water specifications while meeting their financial objectives. Our team is dedicated to preserving the world’s most valuable commodity, water!  To learn more, please visit or call 1-800-297-0041. 

Kathy Garrett 
(214) 557-8700

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Original Source: Wastewater Solutions Unlimited Improves Water Recycling Treatment to Be Significantly More Energy Efficient
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