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Researchers Create Therapy To Curb Chemotherapy Toxicity As Talcum Powder Lawsuit Numbers Rise reports on a recent article by regarding a new therapy developed by researchers that may help curb the toxic effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients.

According to the article, “Virginia Tech scientists have developed a new cancer drug that uses gold nanoparticles created by the biotech firm CytImmune Sciences to deliver paclitaxel—a commonly used chemotherapy drug directly to a tumor.” The method, the article says, of directly targeting the tumor increases the effectiveness of the drug while decreasing side effects for cancer patients including nausea, hair loss, and nerve pain.

Ovarian cancer patients know these painful side effects all too well, which is a large part of why many have chosen to file lawsuits against pharmaceutical giants such as Johnson & Johnson. These patients claim that the company’s talcum powder is directly linked to their development of cancer and that the company should be held accountable.

Johnson & Johnson has denied such claims, stating that their products were developed by “following the science” and that no such link exists. Juries, however, have found that the pharmaceutical giant should be held responsible and the company has been made to pay millions in the three trials that have since concluded. Johnson & Johnson is looking to appeal those decisions.

As these lawsuits are expected to grow in numbers, Banville Law is seeking to help those currently suffering. The firm has many years of experience fighting large pharmaceutical companies who have put dangerous drugs and devices onto the market, foregoing public safety for corporate greed. Attorneys at Banville Law want to assist those who believe they have been directly affected by the use of Johnson’s talcum powder. Affected individuals may be entitled to financial compensation and legal action. Banville Law is currently offering free consultations to individuals who qualify.

For more information, to schedule a consultation or to ask questions contact Banville Law at (888) 976-6742.



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