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Gentlemen Marketing Agency

November 9, 2016: Gentlemen Marketing Agency has announced that it will be celebrating its 4th anniversary in Shanghai. The Agency is a digital marketing company based in Shanghai that helps foreign countries develops their business in China; reach and communicate to their Chinese consumers. In a short period of four years, the company has already made a huge impact on the marketing industry, worldwide.

“Our agency has profound understanding in both western and Chinese culture simply because our members are professional culturally-conscious marketers from both the West and China. As a result, you can find outstanding efficiency and ROI in our service. Besides, to make sure that our clients can use the latest marketing tools, we always keeps up with the latest marketing trend in China.” Said Olivier Verot, the Founder of Gentlemen Marketing Agency along with Philip Qian, founder of the company from China part.

The story of Gentlemen Marketing is a human venture, fueled by the passion of the digital marketers and talents they have attracted and cultivated over the years. They have positioned themselves as key players in the golden age of digital advertising in the Middle Kingdom and become known as the ‘Madmen of China’. The ‘Madmen’ in America were at the height of the digital advertising era in the western world, with Gentlemen now poised to take up this mantle in the aptly named ‘mysterious east’.

“A key philosophy Gentlemen have focused on is that you don’t need to be a huge, established brand to gain traction in China. Smaller companies can establish themselves and not only compete but eclipse larger firms that do not have the right, Chinese specific strategy.” Said Philip, the co-founder of the agency. The essence of the agency is passion and this has fueled their growth from humble beginnings to the top digital focused marketing firm specialized in western brand development in China.

Media Contact
Company Name: Gentlemen Marketing Agency
Contact Person: Benji Lamb
Country: China

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