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Press Release

Socialized Commerce Pays Off for Trunited Members

When Denise Harrison joined back in September, she had no idea just how happy it would make her this November.

Ms. Harrison is one of a select few Trunited PaceSetters, early adopters to the concept of Socialized Commerce, who are now being rewarded for their efforts with the first of potentially many checks to come from Trunited.

The exclusive home for a new innovation called Socialized Commerce, Trunited acts as a platform that connects brands that are hungry for access to loyal customers with consumers who feel they deserve to be compensated for that loyalty.

Ms. Harrison and others like her act as Trunited Affiliates, driving traffic to the brands on the platform by connecting family and friends to the Trunited Network. In exchange, the connected brands agree to compensate Affiliates by providing a percentage of the money made from each purchase back to the Network. The money collected goes into a Trunited Payout Pool, and the entirety of the sum is distributed back to everyone in the Network at the end of each month by way of monthly checks.

Every single Trunited member, from Creator and Innovator Dr. Nicolas Porter, to Ms. Harrison and other PaceSetters, to brand new Affiliates and the Trunited customer, gets earnings from the pool according to their input into the system. This is guided by the commerce engine behind it all, a pay structure called the Pay Plan 360. Operating as the first independent plug-and-play pay structure that works with any brand or profit margin, the Pay Plan 360 gives Trunited and its members the ability to connect with any brand that wants to join the platform and get compensated for their efforts.

According to the company, the results have been astounding, with many members making considerable earnings for their social influence in just the first two months of Trunited’s existence. According to Trunited’s estimates, a PaceSetter can make roughly $500 each month going forward, with the ability to expand that number considerably with increased effort and influence. Not everyone will see those results, but Trunited assures that by following the guidelines of the Trunited system, it is possible to create an income that impacts their life.

Ms. Harrison, who was never previously interested in direct sales opportunities, has found Socialized Commerce to be an entirely different venture.

“I just did what made sense to me and told friends and family about this new platform and great products. The success I’ve experienced and the interactions I’ve been able to have with others through this process have been a tremendous blessing in my life.”

Trunited is now free to join and will be making several new products and brands available on November 1. For more information, visit


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