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Press Release

Cypherpath Launches Infrastructure as a File (IaaF) Solution for the Enterprise

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 29, 2016) - Cypherpath, the leader in on-demand containerized infrastructure solutions, today announced that its Cypherpath Infrastructure Container System is now available for enterprise-level infrastructure deployments. The Cypherpath Infrastructure Container System is the industry's first Infrastructure as a File (IaaF) solution to provide customers with the power to model, build, deploy, run and manage data center infrastructure as easily as sharing a file.

Despite billions of dollars of investment made in legacy hardware and software infrastructure solutions, enterprises are discovering that they are increasingly unable to keep pace with modern computing demands. By encapsulating the full IT stack in a container, Cypherpath seamlessly helps transition the enterprise to a modern infrastructure by enabling organizations large and small to build highly-scalable, agile and portable infrastructures on top of existing investments.

To extend its solution to thousands of enterprise customers, Cypherpath also unveiled its emerging partner ecosystem that includes Tegile Systems, the leading provider of multi-tiered flash storage arrays for all-flash data center, Quali, the leading Cloud Sandbox platform for DevOps automation, and Hedvig, the company modernizing storage and accelerating enterprise adoption of private and hybrid clouds. Through these strategic partnerships, joint enterprise customers receive:

  • Scale-up and scale-out hyper-converged architectures with new server and storage resources that provide speed and flexibility beyond current market solutions.
  • On-demand containerized infrastructures to create and manage cyber ranges and private cloud sandboxes at a fraction of the cost.
  • Software defined infrastructure for any x86 architecture, including compute, network and storage when storage capacity is already in place and cost is a factor.

With Cypherpath, businesses looking to modernize can quickly and easily build and deploy highly-secure IT infrastructures in private and public clouds on bare metal hardware. The Cypherpath software-defined approach to data centers boosts productivity and brings resiliency to the enterprise while providing a future-proof solution that supports modern apps and services. Deploying Cypherpath infrastructure containers is achieved with a simple, scalable drag and drop interface and puts the infrastructure completely under software control, facilitating a flexible and scalable IT system that responds to the on-demand needs of modern-day businesses.

For more information on Cypherpath's Infrastructure Container System, please visit:

Supporting Quotes
"Infrastructure as a File takes the encapsulation pioneered with compute virtualization to the next step to enable those without specialized skills to deploy complex infrastructure, including compute, network and storage," says Dan Conde, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "The capability to deploy on public and private clouds on bare metal hardware with ease will provide organizations with the flexibility to achieve appropriate hybrid cloud solutions."

"Reconfiguring an enterprise-grade IT infrastructure to run more efficiently, securely and at an acceptable cost is nothing less than overwhelming," said Danial Faizullabhoy, president and CEO, Cypherpath. "The Cypherpath Infrastructure Container System for the enterprise helps organizations, regardless of size, need or existing legacy solutions, to build and deploy highly secure private or public cloud scenarios on bare metal in a manner of minutes. We've created a platform that makes infrastructure as portable and simple as a data file."

"Information technology needs to reflect the pace at which businesses operate today -- fast and agile. Today's infrastructure solutions do not provide users with the flexibility needed to support the growing demand for compute and storage," said Rob Commins, vice president of marketing at Tegile. "Tegile and Cypherpath work together to help organizations achieve enhanced hyper-convergence that does not limit scalability regardless of workload size."

"Modern IT infrastructures for data centers and cloud require agile 'real-world' testing of complex environments to ensure that performance, security and functionality requirements are met. However, the cost of replicating a production environment is a deterrent causing enterprises to take shortcuts and make compromises," said Shashi Kiran, chief marketing officer of Quali. "Cypherpath's on-demand infrastructure containers combined with Quali's cloud sandboxing software provides users with a highly-sophisticated, cost effective and agile way to create and manage physical and virtual dev/test environments with applications to help optimize for security and performance in enterprise-grade IT systems."

"Most customers today do not want to be locked into any single vendor because they require the flexibility and compatibility a white box x86 hardware solution provides," said Avinash Lakshman, founder and CEO at Hedvig. "With Hedvig and Cypherpath, all our customers can realize the promise of Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) on any server, at the performance they need and at the best value."

About Cypherpath
Enterprises rely on Cypherpath to create, deliver and manage containerized on-demand infrastructure at the lowest possible cost while providing container security and simplified control of the entire stack. Cypherpath's industry-leading enterprise software platform encapsulates virtualized compute, network, and storage resources into software containers running on commodity hardware. Learn more at

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