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Chinese Cultural Leader And Expert Goes Global

Sir Linjie Chou Zanadu is an international public relations specialist and a Goodwill Ambassador for culture, arts, and philanthropy. An expert consultant in his field, Zanadu recently spoke up about the complexities of the image crisis of China.

According to an article recently published by the Huffington Post, although China remains one of the strongest economic powers in the world, it has a serious image issue. The post, found at, outlines the issue and states that the failure of developing a comprehensive soft power is at fault. China is a strong country with a strong government, and often other countries feel that such an image is too strong.

While other major world powers were learning how to develop a soft power, China's miscommunications and images focused on a stricter, sterner power. Experts believe that the country's government is clueless when it comes to understanding the meaning of soft power, much less incorporating it.

Sir Linjie Chou Zanadu understands the complexities that China faces with its image issues, and strives to provide solutions. "China has relied on its historical legacy for recognition and power," he says. "The Chinese government believes that other countries will automatically want to connect with them on a cultural level because of these historical ties."

This unfortunately is not the case. Sir Linjie says that China's cultural identity dissolved in a great deal because of how the economy developed and how institutions within the country changed over time. He says, "The cultural presentation of the country seems almost non-existent."

He states that other countries around the world, and more particularly individuals, simply do not understand the Chinese culture because it is too different from their own cultures or because it is not presented in a way that can be easily understood. He says that he feels China should try to change its image of a hard powered country and find something a bit softer and fresher to present to the world. He feels that the country would be better served finding an image that speaks to people through their hearts as opposed to through their wallets.

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