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Press Release

Trunited, the First Platform for Socialized Commerce, Launches with

There’s a new option out there for those seeking a way to make extra money.

In front of an eager crowd at The Lodge at Flying Horse in Colorado Springs, Trunited Founder Dr. Nicolas Porter declared, “We solved the riddle” and made Trunited official. Trunited is the first ever platform for Socialized Commerce, and the “riddle” Dr. Porter refers to is the challenge of monetizing social commerce in a way that it helps the average consumer.

“Social commerce brings in billions and billions of dollars every year,” Porter points out, “but all of the money made through connecting others to online purchases goes to big companies. Socialized Commerce allows the average Joe or Jane to get a slice of the pie.”

Here’s how it works: Someone joins the Trunited Network by signing up for a free profile on They then purchase goods on the site, thereby creating commerce. Those goods are provided by select vendors who have agreed to contribute a large percentage of each purchase to the Trunited Network at the end of each month into what is called the Trunited Piggy Bank. Once someone creates commerce on the site and connects another person to the site who does the same, that first person gets a percentage of the money in the piggy bank.

The more commerce a person creates, and the more people they connect to Trunited, the higher percentage of the piggy bank payout they get. All of the money in the piggy bank gets paid out at the end of the month, as Trunited works as a not-for-profit medium. This fact, along with a unique payout structure, called the Pay Plan 360, allows Trunited to deliver as much money back to its network of individuals as possible.

“I participate in the system the same way anyone else does,” says Porter. “I do it that way because I believe in the system. I believe in the idea that everyone should benefit when their social influence drives commerce.”

Trunited currently offers a sample pack as a means of getting into the system early, and will start rolling out a line of products available for individual purchase in November. The sample packs, and a spot in the Trunited Network, are currently available at


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