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Press Release

New Study by U.S. Lawmakers Reveals Key Factors in Top-Performing Schools

HURRICANE, UT--(Marketwired - Aug 17, 2016) - This month, a bipartisan group of state lawmakers from across the country released a two-year study on the top-performing education systems from around the globe to identify areas where American schools could improve to benefit students.

Qualities such as better preparation, supportive working environments, and rewarding salaries for teachers, as well as curriculum that is held to superior standards, produce students who exceed their public school peers on testing and overall educational gains. The report found most public schools in the United States are lagging behind on parameters such as these, which makes therapeutic schools like Diamond Ranch Academy optimal school choices for families with troubled teens who want to ensure their child's success in teen years and beyond.

"Our teachers are one of the key components in our students' growth and development at Diamond Ranch Academy, and we understand how vital it is to give our instructors the resources they need to create a top education curriculum and compensate them well so that they stay engaged for our students," says Diamond Ranch Academy executive director Ricky Dias.

"Our college-preparatory curriculum and testing facilities allow students to receive advanced schooling they might not encounter in a traditional public school environment. For parents who strive to give their teen exemplary education as they receive the therapeutic treatment they need in recovery, Diamond Ranch Academy is here to provide them with the best."

The government study, presented at the National Conference of State Legislatures, reinforces the lack of tools teachers at many public schools encounter in order to maximize their productivity with their students. Coupled with the latest Gallup Student Poll released in 2016 surveyed nearly a million American students, that found engagement in school drops each grade level, the need for teachers and schools in which students' passion for learning is ignited is more essential than ever.

The Gallup report found only half of teens are engaged in school, a fifth of adolescent students are actively disengaged at school, and 10 percent are both discouraged and disengaged. This is something schools like Diamond Ranch Academy are working to fix.

"At Diamond Ranch Academy, we're not just helping our teens get on a stronger path to recovery -- we're helping build their futures beyond the school doors," Dias says. "We only work with teachers who are personally devoted to the development of their students, and we make sure our instructors are equipped to thrive."

Diamond Ranch Academy is accepting new students and welcomes families who are interested in their teen's future to apply now. Request a free info packet here, or call 1-877-944-8180 for more information.

About Diamond Ranch Academy
Diamond Ranch Academy in Hurricane, Utah, has been considered a top school for teens in need of therapeutic treatment since 1999. Credits earned by students at Diamond Ranch Academy are accepted at top universities across the globe, and students enrolled at the residential treatment center for teens have been accepted to more than 100 colleges across the country.

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