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OpticalNext Releases Bulletin Regarding Summer, Autumn Eye UV Protection


At the peak of summer, more people are flocking to beaches, camping, and other outdoor activities than at any point thus far in the year. In the coming months, as the summer transitions to fall, those numbers will increase. OpticalNext, a leading outlet for glasses for affordable prices, is offering a few tips for protecting the eyes from the sun’s UV rays while enjoying time outdoors.

Just as sunlight poses well-known risks to the skin, UV rays can cause long-term damage to the eyes. Even short-term exposure to UV light can cause photokeratitis, a painful condition that feels like sunburn on the eyes. While this condition is short lived and doesn’t typically cause long-term damage, there are worse consequences of eye UV exposure. Ocular diseases including macular degeneration, cataracts, and eyelid cancer can be related to UV exposure.

UV light is a form of radiation emitted by the sun, and people spending time outdoors are directly exposed, underscoring the need for proper eye protection.

OpticalNext advises that people use proper eye protection, which includes sunglasses with UV coating. Sunglasses without this UV coating will not offer protection. “UV coating will prevent most ocular risks associated with sunlight exposure,” according to a senior eye professional at OpticalNext.

By protecting the eyes with UV coated sunglasses, people can reduce or even eliminate the likelihood of retinal damage or other ocular diseases. According to Optical Next’s online Rx glasses team, “It’s far better to prevent UV damage than to have to deal with the consequences.”

OpticalNext is a New York based retailer offering a wide range of glasses for men and women. All of the lenses offered by OpticalNext come with UV protection coating, offering added value for customers seeking online prescription glasses. The company makes it simple for people to order online eyeglasses, as highlighted in a recently released video.

Whether people are vacationing at the beach, hiking, camping, enjoying picnics, or playing sports outside this summer and autumn, OpticalNext hopes that they will pick up a pair of UV coated sunglasses to protect their eyes from damage. Eyeglasses are widely available with UV coating, according to OpticalNext, as well as transitional lenses.

OpticalNext also offers an affordable range of online frames and single and multifocal lenses in a variety of styles. According to OpticalNext, UV radiation can also come from artificial sources, including welding machines, tanning beds, and lasers. People exposed to any of these should also wear protective eye gear. More information can be found at

About OpticalNext

OpticalNext is a New York-based retailer offering leading-edge eyeglasses for less for men and women.

Read full release at OpticalNext Releases Bulletin Regarding Summer, Autumn Eye UV Protection.

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