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William Jiang - Trailblazing 2016 With Natural Mental Health & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

William Jiang - Quanta D. - Amazon Author - Guide To Natural Mental Health - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - MCS

Author William Jiang leads the year in matters of Natural Mental Health and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Jiang's diverse background and recent publishing initiatives award Jiang a 2016 of speaking requests and increased media attention.

William Jiang published Guide To Natural Mental Health in November of 2015. The guide is one of Jiang's twenty-five books published, an Amazon Best Seller to receive acclaimed reviews for Jiang's research on natural mental health. Jiang's natural mental health guide book and career has been well received beyond his Amazon status.

Professor Olivia Mora, NYU Silverman School of Social Work, invited William Jiang to lecture to NYU Masters of Social Work students. Jiang's speaking engagement for the NYU students was this past April. William Jiang lectured the students on many subjects from socialization to Jiang's personal stories and experience of mental health disorders.

Quanta D, Journalist for Business Innovators Magazine, discovered William Jiang's work on natural mental health. The Journalist selected Jiang to be the first of a Quanta D interview series, Spotlight on Natural Health. Jiang discussed his research on natural mental health and what he terms Digital Addiction. Jiang explained, "A lot of people are addicted to their cell phones. The video games, the eCommerce, the porn, the gambling, the list goes on. All of these things encompass Digital Addiction and it’s quite common these days. Well, you can talk to anybody on the street and 1 out of 3 young ladies will keep their cell phone on, and next to their bed just so that in the middle of the night if an important phone call comes in, they want to be there. It actually disrupts their sleep to an extent. It’s too common-place and I feel very strongly that we need classes like Digital Hygiene, yes it’s very important. They’ve shown also that Digital Addiction, Computer Addiction, Video Game Addiction, affects the white matter of the brain much like heroin does - in terms of it’s damaging affects so it‘s pretty serious."

The Quanta D interview of Jiang was published in May. Online media coverage of Jiang's Quanta D interview released in June, gaining coverage in online newspapers like the Boston Globe, Small Business Trendsetters and the International Business Times.

William Jiang's current advocacy continues with natural mental health but also Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Jiang released a video presentation and lecture in June titled MCS: Past Present Future - A Global Perspective. Jiang's mental health blog defines MCS, "Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is a chronic medical condition and syndrome characterized by symptoms that the affected person attributes to low-level chemical exposures to commonly used chemicals. Commonly attributed substances include scented products, pesticides, plastics, synthetic fabrics, smoke, petroleum products, and paint fumes."

The American Medical Association does not currently consider Multiple Chemical Sensitivity an illness.

According to WebMD, which lists MCS in its category of Allergies, "Multiple chemical sensitivity can include a wide range of symptoms, which some people link to their environment. It's also known as “environmental illness," "sick building syndrome," or "MCS." Doctors may call it “idiopathic environmental intolerance”.

About William Jiang

William Jiang is an Author of 25 multi-lingual books in English, Spanish and French. His books widely range from his poetry to mental health disorders and easy ways to learn one of his spoken languages. Jiang is a Master of Library Science (MLS) that worked as Chief Medical Librarian for Columbia University Psychiatric. Jiang currently works as Marketing Manager of Leaf Alden Consulting Group and is a Web Designer at

To learn more about William Jiang, visit Jiang's regularly updated blog and bookstore


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