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Press Release

Young girl with entrepreneurial passion from rural Thailand Now Heads Revolutionary Skincare Line in NY

From a humble village girl of Thailand to heading revolutionary skincare line in New York, Vernell New York founder Kanjana Sarapee’s story is an inspiring tale of success through dream, motivation and hardship.

New York - July 11, 2016 - Success is no doubt a tough nut to crack but definitely not an impossible one to achieve. This eternal truth has been proved once again by Vernell New York founder Kanjana Sarapee whose rise from a young village girl of Thailand to heading a revolutionary skincare line in New York testifies to the fact that success is never far if only one has the courage to dream and motivation to keep the flame alive and resilience to withstand and adapt to hardships. Unlike other top-shot beauty lines, she had no such capital when she founded her company at a mere age of 25 but it was her sheer determination that has brought her up to the height where she is now.

“In fact, my English skills were really modest which was a major problem for a Thai girl who has traveled all the way to a completely English speaking elite city like New York. But then, I had the great support of my dreams, motivation, hardships and love that showed me the way. We all have such qualities in us but many don’t bring them out and this is where they drift away from the desired success. I would love to share my experiences, which I believe, would help you to lead your life of dreams like me,” stated Kanjana while sharing her encouraging story.

Born into a humble yet happy family of rural Thailand, Kanjana was always taught to live a life of proper health & well-being to be happy and attain success. She always had this dream to create such a thing that would be different from the rest & remind all to take care of their well-being and health. It’s her vision which has translated to Vernell New York today, defined by the slogan “Beautiful skin is not just a sign of beauty but a gate way to health and well-being.”

Speaking on motivation, she stressed on her favorite book “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins that helped her to control her emotional, mental, physical & financial destiny.

“The book has a very powerful quote ‘Rest and Play, Even God takes one day off’ and now I realize rest is necessary to re-energize your zing within when you are too fatigued.”

It was the modest financial condition of her loving parents which forced Kanjana to work after school hours from a mere age of 15. Over time, she managed to continue with her studies to earn knowledge and degree while balancing the work life that helped her with various experiences and marketing skills. It has been 14 years so far and now she has recently launched her Vernell New York Skin Care lines that speak of the first skincare revolution to revive skin and enhance make up’s quality.

“When it comes to my success track, I will say:

• Never look down in anything, Never be negative and Never ever give up
• Must learn, Must gain, Must adapt, Must develop, and Must create.”

To know more about Kanjana Sarapee and her revolutionary Vernell skincare solutions, please visit the official website at and an official YouTube channel at



Media Contact
Company Name: Vernell New York Skin care
Contact Person: Ms. Kanjana Sarapee
Phone: 646-249-4304
Address:7416 Woodside Ave, Elmhurst
City: New York
Country: United States

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