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Press Release

Troy Warren Has A New Twist In The Barter Industry Launching In Phoenix AZ And Chicago IL

Troy Warren host of announced today the upcoming launch of launching in 59 USA Cities

Warren has been in and around the barter world for many years and learned much of what he knows from Vegas Vince.

Vegas Vince passed away in mid 2014 and was known as the master at buying high, selling low and still making a profit in the barter industry.

Vegas Vince was introduced to Warren from his long time friend and business associate Willie Crawford. This chance meeting is what led to Warren spending months in the digital kitchen cooking up what he believes will be the perfect recipe for business owners to increase revenues while decreasing advertising costs through his new website

Willie Crawford introducing entrepreneurs to and the Trade City Director program

Willie Crawford is joining Warren in introducing entrepreneurs choosing to be part of the barter industry to and its Trade City Director program. will be launching 59+ major metropolitans over the next 12 months and each will have a Trade City Director to facilitate trade events and mixers while the company supports the Members and Trade City Directors from its offices in Chandler, AZ and Evanston, IL.

Amongst the first cities to launch include Phoenix, AZ, Chicago, IL, Buffalo, NY and Long Island, NY.

Warren commented, “The barter industry will always bless business owners particularly in down economies like we have experienced since 2008. Barter transactions have climbed over $16 billion annually in the USA alone and there does not seem to be an end in sight.”

Warren also mentioned, “Dave Wagenvoord performed over a half billion of barter transactions in his career spanning over four decades and arguably is the worlds biggest authority on the subject of barter according to the great marketing giant Jay Abraham. Wagenvoord was responsible for taking Carnival Cruise Lines to the #1 cruise line in the world solely through barter transactions in the advertising world.”


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