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Press Release

Top Google Ranking Factors 2016 Revealed

Using scientific method, expert SEO analysts have quantified current factors that affect page ranking in 2016.

Kyle Roof, from the SEO Intelligence Agency group, shared the results from a few of his on-page SEO experiments with a group of professional SEOs at the SEO Rockstars Conference. The abridged video version of the presentation can be viewed here.

Utilizing the basic techniques of the scientific method - hypothesis, test vs control and a single variable, Roof was able to determine which on-page factors are currently most important for Google ranking and indexing.

In his presentation, Mr. Roof implements the basic principles of the scientific method to test SEO factors. After deciding on a factor to test and developing a hypothesis pertaining to that factor, Roof created a test environment by producing fictional control and test pages; identical in every way but the one factor being tested. After waiting for the pages to index, the results can then be analyzed.

Roof explained, “Everything is measurable if you think about it the right way.”

After a recent set of tests, Roof discovered a number of factors that affect on-page SEO. Two results concerned meta titles and headings.

The first test hypothesized that the page meta title should differ from the on-page H1. Put another way, should the meta title and H1 be unique or the same? After conducting a controlled test, Roof determined that the hypothesis was incorrect. The meta title and H1 should, in fact, be the same in order to attain a better ranking.

Another test questioned which factor was given the greatest weight in ranking. Meaning, which factor is most important for ranking. Test results revealed that the meta title was the most important factor in ranking. Coming in second was the on-page H3.

As indexing and ranking is constantly evolving, Roof explained that regular testing is necessary to keep up with the current trends. Additionally, one test can often lead to the need for more testing.

About the SEO Intelligence Agency: The newly formed SEO Intelligence Agency group was developed to provide proven, actionable intelligence for SEO professionals through strategy testing and reporting. Membership benefits include access to monthly test results, weekly interactive webinars, and an active Facebook community. To learn more


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