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Press Release

Fraudulent Foreclosure: A Ten Year Fight That Must End

Wells Fargo wrongfully forecloses a home, forcing a homeowner into bankruptcy which leads to failing health- a life-threatening neurological disease and emotional trauma for 10 years.

The rate of wrongful foreclosure by the Nation’s mortgage lenders is becoming more alarming. The consequent effect is such activities, always irreparable. Cynthia Lewis, a resident of Trumbull town, is another victim of the “Free Capitalism without proper control and conscience”. Forced into bankruptcy by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Company (WF), claiming she missed and late payments. Wells Fargo immediately motioned a court for immediate possession. What a heartless move, despite Ms. Lewis providing money order receipts to prove her prompt payments.

“Wells Fargo has taken ten years of my life, pushed me to cardiac unit of the hospital. The wrongful foreclosure opened a very bitter chapter in my life, and fighting such big companies has not been easy. Despite providing evidence at the court which proved I paid on time, the mortgage company still went ahead to foreclose my house. The Foreclosure and Bankruptcy legal fees cost me over $25,000, for which I received a Settlement check in the sum of $300 which I immediately returned to sender.” Says Cynthia Lewis, the illegally foreclosed homeowner.

She says further, “I am going into my senior years and desperately need to reach a solution. I have a chronic debilitating disease that could leave my limbs twisted and me unable to do anything for myself. I’m witnessing a friend who is now in that state in this disease. Recently, I was informed by my neurologist that my disease is progressing which is terrifying to me. For me to change my lifestyle and concentrate on my disease this situation must end. Wells Fargo has 10 years of my Yesterdays; that I will never get back, I just can’t stand to lose another minute to them.”

According to a new nationwide survey published by the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA), the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC), and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA), mortgage servicers continue to wrongfully foreclose on tens of thousands of homeowners every year. In 2013, First National Bank of Wellston and Jackson wrongfully foreclosed a home and sold the home owner’s belonging. The bank claimed they were misled by a GPS. This should stop.

Worthy of great attention is Ms. Lewis’ case, who has been facing a huge health, financial and psychological trauma in the past 10 years; all because Wells Fargo claimed missed and late payments, a claim that was proved wrong at court. Wells Fargo still went ahead, changing the claim at the court.

Media Contact
Company Name: Ms. Cindy Lewis
Phone: 203-296-2331
City: Trumbull
State: Connecticut
Country: United States

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