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Woman Files Lawsuit After Losing Teeth When E-Cigarette Explodes reports on an article by ABC7 on an e-cigarette explosion that caused a Naples woman to lose some of her teeth. The article states that the electronic cigarette allegedly exploded in her face in February and the woman is now finding out she may lose another tooth in addition to facing years of more dental work.

Hers is not a unique case according to some media reports. Though FEMA reports that only a handful of e-cigarette explosion cases occur while the device is in use, some incidents that have happened during use have caused severe injuries. A similar case was reported in Brooklyn after a 14-year-old boy suffered blindness in his left eye and permanent damage to his hand when an e-cigarette he was testing at a mall kiosk exploded.

E-cigarettes have become increasingly popular over the past few years, totaling 2.5 million users in the United States. The batteries in these devices, lithium-ion batteries, have been known to overheat and explode due to the structure of the battery. When they explode, the devices can cause serious harm to the user or bystanders because the devices often catch fire and pieces of the cigarette shoot out like a bullet. According to FEMA, most cases of e-cigarette explosions occur when the devices are being charged. Other times they can combust when inside a user’s pocket.

The Brooklyn boy is now seeking counsel from Marc Freund of Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman to assist in holding the kiosk responsible.

Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman are currently looking to assist those who have been affected by explosive e-cigarettes. Attorneys such as Marc Freund are working to ensure that those individuals who have been injured by the devices are able to explore their legal rights fully. Certain individuals may be entitled to financial compensation. Attorney Freund is currently offering free consultations to anyone who has been injured by the devices.

To learn more about e-cigarettes, or to ask questions, contact Marc Freund Esq. at 877-711-9545.



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