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Press Release

California Company Introduces Hangover Supplement

MD Factor, which based in San Mateo, California, has introduced BoozAid, a product for hangovers. The product is designed to help relieve the discomfort of hangovers.

Susan Lin with MD Factor says, "It's a great product that can help you to combat those sluggish feelings of partying too much." She observes that those who enjoy drinking often don't enjoy the aftermath.

Lin states that the product can help to rebalance the body so that drinkers can get a better night's sleep, which makes it possible to wake up after a night of drinking without the common side effects of drinking. The hangover supplement can help drinkers avoid discomfort, such as headache and nausea, and it can also relieve the "red face" reaction that drinking can often cause.

BoozAid can help by restoring the brain's neurotransmitter balance, so that those who drink too much may feel much more alert the next morning. Lin explains that the product is created using ingredients inspired by nature.

Lin points out, "We use nutraceutical grade ingredients, which are approved by doctors."

The company says that the supplement can help those who may have too much to drink at night feel better by morning, because it helps them to rest off what could potentially cause a morning hangover. This hangover supplement can also help to support brain and liver health, which are issues that heavy drinkers often face.

Lin says that those who occasionally enjoy drinking particularly, may find themselves feeling groggy, achy, and overall not well the next morning. Those who are not acclimated to drinking may find hangovers too severe to bear in some cases. She states that BoozAid can help drinkers to rest at night, something that is typically prescribed for an unwell feeling, which in turn helps the body to recover from the drinking and the drinker can wake up feeling refreshed, alert, and without the aches and nausea that can accompany drinking.

The company states that the product is now available on the Amazon marketplace for ordering. Those interested can learn more about the specific ingredients and the benefits by visiting the product page on the marketplace, or by visiting the company on their official website.


Contact MD Factor:

Susan Lin
LA CANADA VENTURES, INC. 448 N San Mateo Drive San Mateo, CA 94401

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