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IVC Filter Lawsuit Plaintiffs Address FDA Warnings Of Deep Vein Thrombosis & Filter Fracture / Migration reports on important FDA warnings which were released regarding IVC filter medical devices. On August 9th of 2010, the agency released an initial communication which they called “Removing Retrievable Inferior Vena Cava Filters.” This warning statement was directed at surgeons and noted that if patients’ pulmonary embolism risks have subsided, the filters should be removed from them as soon as possible. They noted during this time that it appeared in many cases, the filters were not being removed when medically appropriate.

In addition to this concerning communication, the FDA reported that between the years of 2005 and August of 2010, they had received a total of 921 adverse event reports discussing complications suffered by patients with IVC filters. These complaints are submitted through an adverse event reporting system set up by the FDA.

Further details of these adverse event reports indicate that 328 of them involved “device migration,” which occurs when an IVC filter somehow detaches itself from its implantation spot and moves through the body. 146 reports involved “embolizations” which occur when an IVC filter or pieces of that filter travel to vessels which provide the lungs and heart with blood. 70 of the reports involved “perforation,” which occurs when one of the struts or legs of the filter pierces through the inferior vena cava wall or when a traveling element of the device perforates another blood vessel or organ. Lastly, 56 of the adverse event reports involved “filter fracture” which refers to the breaking apart of the IVC filters within the vena cava.

IVC filters are implanted in patients who are at risk of blood clot developments, but who are unable to take blood-thinning drugs. These cage-like devices work to block blood clots which are formed, and to hold them until they dissipate, so that they are unable to travel toward the heart and lungs where they could cause pulmonary embolism or further dangerous health complications for patients. The devices are intended to be used temporarily, and to be removed from patients as soon as the risk of blood clot development subsides.

Today, however, the filters have become the topic of several FDA safety communications and many lawsuits from patients across the nation who state that they have been harmed or are still being harmed by their IVC filter devices. On May 6th of 2015, the FDA issued an updated safety communication regarding the filters which requested that they be removed from patients within 29-54 days following implantation unless the patient is still at risk of pulmonary embolism. During this time, the agency also announced that manufacturers of current IVC filter devices would be required to participate in two ongoing studies designed to further evaluate the device’s benefits compared to its risks.

As these investigations continue, the attorneys of Banville Law are working to help others who believe they have been harmed by IVC filter devices. Those who are found to have been negatively affected may be eligible for significant compensation obtained through legal action. To better assist those wanting to explore their full rights in the matter, the attorneys of Banville Law are currently offering free legal consultations for qualified parties.

To request additional IVC lawsuit information, or to ask questions at any time, please contact the attorneys of Banville Law by calling 888-997-3792.



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