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Zofran Lawsuit Plaintiffs Gain Support From Study Results Showing Possible Twofold Increase In Cleft Palate Development reports on the alarming results of multiple studies which indicate a potential connection between fetal exposure to Zofran and the development of certain birth defects within those fetuses. The anti-nausea drug, manufactured by pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, is now the topic of a steadily increasing number of lawsuits. In a significantly controversial marketing move, despite the lack of FDA approval for this use, GSK reportedly marketed Zofran as a safe and effective morning sickness treatment for pregnant women.

Zofran did, in fact, receive FDA approval, however, the approval was given for treatment of patients suffering from nausea or vomiting following chemotherapy, radiation, or anesthesia. It has been reported that because of GSK’s choice to use “off-label” marketing, Zofran was prescribed “off-label” to an estimated 1 million women within only one year. Now, as mothers from across the nation step forward alleging that after their use of the drug, their children were born with a range of serious defects, GSK is being named as the defendant in hundreds of lawsuits. Defects most commonly linked to Zofran by plaintiff lawsuits are cleft lip and palate, clubfoot, transposition of the greater vessels, tetralogy of fallot, atrial septal defect and ventricular septal defect, and respiratory stress disorder, and kidney defects.

Those currently involved in Zofran birth defect lawsuits, which have been consolidated under a single court to form MDL number 2657, have received some support from multiple concerning study results. In 2012, one study indicated up to a twofold increase in the likelihood of cleft palate development within fetuses exposed to Zofran while in the womb. Another important study, which was published in 2014, indicated that Zofran exposure seemed to cause a 30% overall increased risk for the development of congenital malformations, again within developing fetuses.

Zofran lawsuits involved in MDL 2657 are being overseen by the Honorable Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV in Boston, Massachusetts. As plaintiffs await additional trial preparations, the attorneys of Monheit Law are working to help others who have taken Zofran while pregnant, and who have gone on to give birth to children with defects. They want to ensure that these deserving individuals are provided with the important opportunity to fully investigate their legal rights in the matter, as they may be entitled to significant compensation gained through legal action. To better assist those wanting to learn more about their rights, the attorneys of Monheit Law are now offering free legal consultations to qualified parties.

To ask questions or request further Zofran information, please contact Michael Monheit, Esq., lead attorney at Monheit Law by calling (877) 620-8411.



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