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Press Release

Agency Strategic Hire of Lydia Lovig – Preceding Vice President of National Distribution Agency – Opens US Retail Market

Using the same three pillars for each product, InStoreConnection grows online ordering, in-store placement, and engaged social media followings. Says CEO Gallant Dill, “When stores see demand for your product online, they buy it. If it sells in store, they’ll reorder. Because we’ve seen success in every vertical, our team guarantees sales of every product we engage.” Central to this sales guarantee is strategic hire Lydia Lovig, preceding Vice President of a national distribution agency.

Products enter the market dozens of times per second; Statistics say there are over four energy shot companies established every minute.

Product teams are passionate.  They're often encouraged by family and friends, believing it can sell.  Perhaps it makes its way into a few stores, and does well. Perhaps it’s a mainstay in thousands of stores, but having trouble penetrating new verticals.

Why is it so hard to submit product to stores for consideration?

The answer, products are learning from Lydia Lovig - new addition to InStoreConnection and Chief Operations Officer - is that, it’s not really. She joined ISC after acting as Vice President of a national distribution agency - servicing over 150,000 doors through 1200+ independent distribution companies, and handling products in over a dozen categories: Prestige, Convenience, Health and Beauty Care, Novelty, Tobacco, Food and Beverage, In-Store Bakery, High-End Grocery Concepts, and Technology.

“So many products position themselves the way they imagine consumers want them positioned.”

“The products that cause sensations are those who are unabashedly themselves - and celebrate it.  Position yourself as something people can be proud to own; and buyers will be excited to buy.  The brands I saw do well were those who focused on their target audience.  The product gave them what they needed to become a brand they themselves were proud to be.”

Lovig, whose background is in international marketing campaigns and international distribution schematics, has watched thousands of products try to find a foothold in the US market. 

"The largest trends I’ve noticed," says Lovig, "Are products so focused on convincing consumers to purchase, they forget who they need to woo first: purchasing managers and corporate buyers.  Buzz words that attract the consumer mean almost nothing to buyers.  The job of the buyer is to make money for the store; he or she isn’t an expert in chemical formulations and manufacturing, and I promise you s/he doesn’t want to be.  Make it easy for that buyer to make money: maximize their space, maximize your contribution to the store’s revenue, and minimize the amount of imagination they have to employ."

Lydia Lovig has partnered with InStoreConnection to give its clients the constructive criticism and “secret sauce” polish they need to be successful with their end-users, and also their buyers.  Her expertise spans from wholesale distribution schematics in multiple channels, to competitive pricing strategy and in-store marketing.

Lydia also brings to ISC international marketing consulting experience from Parisian campaign deployments of Weight Watchers, Club Med, and Johnson & Johnson.  She received her masters certification in Marketing from Europe’s premier business university, the London School of Economics. During her undergraduate career at the University of Virginia, Lydia was a member of the Division I Varsity Rowing Team, 2010 NCAA National Champions.  She is also a proud alumna of Phillips Exeter Academy. 

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