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Terra Privacy, LLC Offers a User-Friendly Solution to Stop Internet Hackers in Their Tracks

Creator of an unbreakable encryption method, Michael Wood designed TTC (Transport Traffic Control) NetSwitch, which allows users to see and control everyone who wants access to their computers.

New York, New York - March 7, 2016 - (

Internet hacker attacks have continued to escalate despite the widespread use of antivirus software and firewalls. But new technology, recently launched by Terra Privacy, LLC, offers security where these other safety features have failed. The company’s TTC (Transport Traffic Control) NetSwitch solution uniquely displays the name of everyone who wants access to the computer.  The user can now block or allow based on this real-time list of actual names, keeping the user’s computer and data safe.

TTC NetSwitch is revolutionary technology invented by Michael Wood, the creator of an unbreakable encryption method and a commercially successful, internet-traffic management technology which was acquired by Micromuse in 2002. During his retirement, Wood’s computer was routinely hacked and he tried to find an off-the-shelf solution to identify and block the hackers. But Wood never found a solution so he combined his computer security and internet traffic expertise to design a solution for himself. It wasn’t long before he realized how much everyone needed the same thing so he decided to found Terra Privacy, LLC in order to bring his TTC NetSwitch solution to the world.

The most successful hacking method of 2015 was “Phishing.” Phishing refers to sending emails with backdoors embedded in them. Once the email is opened, the backdoor establishes a connection to the hacker’s server, giving the hacker unfettered access to your computer. The number of successful phishing attacks has continued to increase despite wide-spread use of antivirus and firewalls.

But TTC NetSwitch makes it impossible for hackers to hide regardless of the method they try to utilize; because, at the end of the day, every attack requires that the hacker either be allowed into the user’s computer or their software needs to be allowed to send data out. By seeing and controlling traffic at this level, hackers are blocked no matter what they do.

This unique technology offers security through transparency. Once installed, the user not only sees the host machine trying to access the computer, but also sees the true identity of any site or person attempting entry. As an added bonus of keeping the user safe from hackers and malware, this system also makes it easy to tell the difference between a legit site and a bogus trap. When a user is able to see the actual names of those who want to access their computer, they finally have choice over who is let in.  

“With this technology, even the most successful hacking method used during the last six years is now effortlessly thwarted,” says Wood. “After you have installed TTC NetSwitch nothing can be taken from your computer without your knowledge. You regain full control over who has access to your data. People are free to use their computer and internet in complete security, with full control over who can access their computer, data, and digital life.”

The technology offers more than a dozen unique features detailed on the company website.

Terra Privacy, LLC is offering a free trial of the new technology. To learn more about all of TTC NetSwitch features and access the free trial, visit

About Terra Privacy, LLC

Terra Privacy LLC was founded by Michael Wood, the inventor of an unbreakable encryption method and creator of a commercially successful, internet-traffic management system. The company's mission is to finally put an end to computer hacking. To learn more, visit

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Original Source: Terra Privacy, LLC Offers a User-Friendly Solution to Stop Internet Hackers in Their Tracks
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