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Press Release

Driving Deaths While “High” On Rise in United States

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - 12/11/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- New data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, (NHTSA) shows that 15% of drivers in fatal crashes now have  marijuana in their system, while 40% of marijuana drivers also were DUI. Washington State now has 27% of  fatal drivers testing positive for marijuana. Drivers killed that tested positive for marijuana were on the average 4 years younger than those that tested positive with blood alcohol levels of 0.8+.

“We are looking at a national crisis with increased traffic deaths as marijuana and alcohol collide like we have never seen before” said Al Crancer, Jr. a retired NHTSA researcher, “With states legalizing the use of marijuana and no progress for the 15th year in a row in reducing the 31% of drunk driving fatalities in the United States, we will see more deaths due to alcohol and marihuana on the highways.”

Today, 67% of DUI drivers are “Double Drunk” at twice the 0.08 level with the risk of a DUI arrest now less than 1 in 150 DUI trips due to DUI arrests across the country dropping 26% in the last 15 years. One of the many solutions is using a disease prevention approach where friends would intervene to Isolate & Quarantine (IQ) a drunk driver. “If only 30% of bystanders intervened and stopped the Double Drunk driver, 2000 lives could be saved” said Crancer, “If passengers intervened who ride with the Double Drunk driver, about 1,600 could be saved.

“Over 179,000 persons have been killed in DUI fatalities since 1999,” says Al Crancer, Jr., “All of this happening while the most recent National data showed a 22% decrease in total motor vehicle fatalities and a 33% increase in motor vehicle occupants restrained in fatal crashes over the same time period.

“No progress in 15 years, with 31% of fatalities DUI related, and 10,000 lives lost a year to drunk driving, is unacceptable” said Crancer. “This should set off alarms of groups responsible for and interested in reducing the Nation’s No. 1 traffic safety problem. We think messages matter, and NHTSA dropping the message, “Friends don’t let friend’s drive drunk.” in December 1999 may again be needed!  We think it time to take another look at the current NHTSA approach being used to solve the drunk driving problem.

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