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Press Release

New MindMapper 16 Combines Visual Mapping with a Planner and Dashboard

Dec. 6, 2015 / PRZen / IRVINE, Calif. -- Simtech USA announced today that they released the latest and most innovative visual mapping software: MindMapper 16 for Windows. The new software combines a versatile visual mapping program with the convenience of a planner and bird's-eye view of a dashboard, creating a perfect visual tool to help users achieve goals and manage schedules.

"Schedules from the MindMapper map and planner can be linked so that users can view the entire information on the map and implementation details in the planner," says Young Chung, President and CEO of SimTech USA. "The mapper lays out the visual information and the planner implements those thoughts into actions, creating a perfect mind processing environment for creative implementation and visual thinking."

New features include:

1. Planner for schedule management

2. Dashboard for bird's-eye view and access to projects and schedules

3. Tags to categorize topics for classification and filtering

4. Filter topics by applying a set of conditions

5. Pick and choose topics to present in the order of their selections

6. Add topics to grouped boundary

7. Insert new parent topic

8. Optimized spacing for the 1st level topics when the map gets too crowded

9. Planner syncs to Google Calendar

10. Save to and open from Google Drive

Now you can tap into the power of the visual and implementation thinking to ideate, communicate, manage, learn, problem solve, collaborate and do so in a versatile MindMapper program.

Full feature Arena edition is US$249, and the new Professional version, which is without the collaboration feature, is priced at an incredible value of $120.  Popular iOS and Android apps are slated to be released at the end of the month and early next year respectively.

About SimTech USA

SimTech USA developed MindMapper as an in-house tool in 1997 for industrial simulation projects. Since then, the company has pioneered the development of digital mind maps, transforming them into digital mind processors. Innovative features include the first-ever import/export feature to MS Office, Gantt chart, and process tree mapping direction. And with dedicated collaboration servers deployed in top corporations, governments, schools and militaries around the world, MindMapper makes accessing and communicating information in a visual format more convenient and productive.  Now, with the new planner, implementing ideas into actions has never been easier with the new MindMapper.

Source: SimTech USA

Press release distributed by PRZen
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