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Press Release

A Sport That Bestows a Number of Health Benefits to Players

DiscGolfPark is the Only Company in Australasia that Design Disc Golf Courses Professionally

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Landsdale, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2015 -- Those who are interested in various types of sports may be interested in the news that Disc Golf, an underground fun sport, that many people in Australia and around the world have never heard of, has been growing in popularity. The sport has grown to more than 5,000 courses in the US and over 2,000 throughout the world.

Disc Golf is similar to traditional golf in the sense that players tee off from a teepad and shoot for a hole. But in the place of golf clubs and balls, golf discs are used to aim for a disc golf hole.

Disc golf is an excellent fitness sport for people of all age groups and it can be learned easily. The growth graph of the game is impressive. It was during 1960's the first pole-hole course was established in Oak Grove Park, California and since then, the game continues to expand all over the world. Nearly eighty thousand players have registered with PDGA as of November 2015.

The game is now played in all the 50 states of U.S. and in more than 40 countries. More and more courses are being installed in many European, Asian and South American countries and also in New Zealand and Australia. Further, major sponsors are coming forward to conduct tournaments.

The game improves self-esteem in people and helps them in combating childhood obesity and in their team-building efforts.

The health benefits of the game are many. Since Disc Golf courses are generally located in hilly or wooded areas and because it is played over a large area of terrain, players can burn their calories effectively. They must also make effort to throw the disc and this is all the more beneficial.

Even over-weight people can lose their excess weight by playing the game for two or three hours daily. The game is an inexpensive sport since players have to spend money only for buying a golf disc.

The game is played in natural surroundings and so, players can enjoy nature as well. Especially, those who are involved in stressful jobs can escape from the heavy use of technological gadgets by playing the game in such natural surroundings. In short, the sport is a positive stress reliever.

As players improve their skills in the sport, they can feel the boost in their confidence. Thanks to the increased muscular strength and endurance they gain by playing the game, they can improve the flexibility of their joints and the strength of their tendons and ligaments. Their heart will function more efficiently and their range of motion will improve as well. Risks of diseases like cancer, stroke and heart disease come down drastically. Diabetics can reduce their high blood sugar levels and improve their insulin resistance by playing the game.

Disc Golf courses have to be professionally designed. DiscGolfPark Australia, located in Perth, Western Australia, says they are the only company in the entire Australasia, that design these courses professionally. They design courses in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Darwin. The company urges interested people to purchase all their required disc golf discs from The Frisbee Shop who are the only retail store in Australia selling all brands of quality Frisbees from around the world.

About Disc Golf and DiscGolfPark Australia
The sport of Disc golf about which not many people know has been growing in popularity in the recent years. The game was originally conceived during the 1960's. As of now, it is played in more than 40 countries. The popularity of the game can be gauged by the fact that nearly eighty thousand players have registered with PDGA as of November 2015. Since the game is played in natural surroundings and in hilly and wooded areas, players can derive a lot of health benefits by playing it.

DiscGolfPark Australia is a Perth-based company and it is the only company in the whole of Australiasia that can design Golf Disc courses professionally. They design courses in various cities of Australia and throughout the world.

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