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Press Release

Greek SEO Expert Joanna Vaiou Wins at the “Social Media Battle” 2015 for Her Client

Joanna Vaiou, the global enterprise SEO and Social Media Optimization/Online Reputation Management expert, has successfully represented and won the Social Media Battle at “Next Startup Champion 2015”.  

"With the internet providing a great platform to reach out the wide base of customers worldwide, businesses are rapidly getting online," she says. "This does give them the ease of getting a wider client base but the competition is also getting tougher day by day. At such junctures, the importance of SEO strategies and making an optimal use of SEO and Social Media is greater than ever." Vaiou, a professional enterprise SEO and Online Reputation Management expert from Greece, is offering her services to assist her global corporate client base to enhance their business’s online position, customer reach and rankings in search results and ultimately in growing their business. Her website;, provides access to her free SEO Greece training resources.

As reported, Joanna is an SEO Greece expert who specializes in Search Engine Optimization strategies, Internet Presence Optimization (Online Branding), Online Reputation Management, onsite and offsite SEO and more. Since starting in 2013, she has assisted her clients successfully and has become one of the top choice SEO experts for her clients worldwide with her high quality work and proven results. She understands the importance of social media in strengthening the online presence of any business and thus provides expert social media services along with the SEO strategies. Recently, she successfully represented a client of hers in Facebook contest - “Next Startup Champion 2015” and won the Social Media Battle showing her high skills and expertise over social media optimization. The contest was between some of the top most experts and start-ups from various fields and showed a really tough battle to win.

As reported, the contest was operated in two different fields for her client and the other startups: 1) A Social Media Facebook contest (a winfor her client) and 2) a live pitching event where her client would present their product in front of judges (where her client lost).  The startup that would win the Live Pitching Battle would win the ultimate award of going to California and pitch their idea in front of upper class entrepreneurs, investors and niche influencers. Last moment, where the battle was obviously lost, it was announced to her client that because of the fact they were the Social Media contest winners, they would still get a chance to go and take the next important step for their business growth. Here is the detailed case study of the “Next Startup Champion 2015” contest: “Social Media to the Rescue”.

Joanna Vaiou is a self taught SEO expert. She made herself an expert of SEO, social media optimization and Google online reputation management. With a hard work ethic, she finally established her own SEO Consulting business in Greece. With her proven results over the years, she now has a high end client base in multinational businesses.

Talking about her services she said, “I emphasize the importance of corporations and business owners having a strong social media presence.” So with her digital marketing, she has effectively assisted her clients to achieve the goal. With her impressive work and achievements, this SEO Greece expert is becoming a go to person for proven results. For more information visit her website (in Greek):


Contact Joanna Vaiou:

Joanna Vaiou
+30 6979 385 729
Athens, Greece.