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Rolani's Wonderland Is Set to Take the Stage With Their Winter Wonderland Collection - Written By: Jonathan Southwell

Rolani's Wonderland is proud to introduce an entire collection of luxury throws and sumptuous blankets that will have you wanting to cuddle up for the holidays this coming Nov 6th, 2015

Bakersfield, California - November 6, 2015 - (

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Take a magical enchanted trip through the fantastical world of the Nutcracker with Rolani's Wonderland. Get ready to be delighted as we dance with the Sugar Plum Fairy or cheer for your favorite in the battle between the Nutcracker and The Mouse King as you are snuggled beneath a magnificent handmade luxury throw blanket.

Leilani Howard believes in the power of family and cherishing the moments you create with them. Cuddling up and creating memories with family is what inspired her to create Rolani's Wonderland. She believes that “it is important that every one of my luxurious throw blankets be handcrafted with love and care, so that you and your family can cherish the wonderland in your lives.” Leilani brings her love of family, home and the magic of the Nutcracker to your home with her Winter Wonderland Collection.

Winter Wonderland takes inspiration from the ever enchanting San Francisco Nutcracker Ballet. Leilani has taken some of her favorite movements and scenes and interpreted them into extravagant sumptuous fabrics and super warm cuddly soft Minky throw blankets. The costumes and music are what really struck home for her and she has really tried to capture that in highly detailed rich brocade and dreamy satin ruffles that will spirit you away on the tutu of one of the twirling dancers from Spain.

All of the most famous scenes from the ballet have been captured in fabric from the enchanting Waltz of Snowflakes to the glorious dizzying Pas De Deux of the Prince and the Sugar Plum Fairy. The entire collection will transport you into the magical enchanted world of the Nutcracker and remind you of the first time you saw it.

These fabulous throw blankets will make the perfect accent on the back of a sofa or couch in your holiday decorating. They will enamor audiences across the land as a present tucked under the tree, one that will keep on giving throughout the year. Coming in a variety of sizes for both little dreamers and adult devotees alike you can share in the opulence.

Rolani's Wonderland has several surprises in store for the upcoming holidays. You will not want to miss out on any of it as you get swept away in the dance of the Waltz of the Flowers as it leads to a charming Christmas tradition you share with family year after year. Snuggle up with loved ones this holiday season under your very own luxurious throw. Delight in the fine hand crafted detail and bright bold colors that will bewitch the senses as you introduce your kids to the enthralling story of Clara and her favorite Nutcracker.

About Rolani's Wonderland:

Rolani's Wonderland started in 2012 after a particularly difficult time for Leilani Howard and her family in Bakersfield California. When their daughter Lyla was born prematurely and only enjoyed a few brief moments in Leilani’s arms. It would be several sleepless emotional months before she would get to feel the joy of having her infant in her arms once more.

During this time without her daughter at home with her Leilani and her husband Rodney sought something to connect them back to their daughter. Together to ease their minds and their hearts they came up with the idea of creating a blanket to bring Lyla home in and keep her warm until she got stronger and healthier. They wanted to create a small commemorative blanket to celebrate finally bringing her home.  

Leilani remembers the moment clearly when she brought Lyla home and introduced her to her new siblings and family. They finally got to wrap her in the blanket they had created for her and snuggle as a family. It was at this moment that Leilani knew she had created her Wonderland Moment.

Since then Leilani has been creating wonderland moments for families across the United States and the world. She has shipped her cuddly throws as far and wide as Australia, Kuwait and Wales. Helping families to create those special moments and sharing in them has been one of her greatest joys since bringing her daughter home. Each story Leilani hears brings joy to her heart that something she has created is bringing families closer together.

Now Leilani wants to create and share in the holiday memories with her Winter Wonderland Collection. During this magical time of year family is important and being with one another reminds everyone that there is magic in the air and a bond with one another that cannot be broken. Share the holiday with your family and friends creating memories that will never fade.

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You can contact Leilani personally at or the contact page

She also can be followed on instagram at, Facebook at, Pinterest, and Twitter for all the latest up to date news and sneak peeks.

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