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Press Release

Home And Garden America Announces That People Need To Prepare Their Survival Supplies For Winter

Carson City, NV company Home and Garden America has announced that survivalists need to prepare their survival supplies for the upcoming winter. To make the preparations easier, the company is offering a $10 discount throughout the month of November to customers who use the coupon code NAAI3DUU at checkout. Winter is a time when being disaster-prepared is more important than ever, and the company wants to play an important role in that.

Chuck Harmon from Home and Garden America says: "During winter time, plants cease to yield fruit, the weather becomes more difficult to deal with and Mother Nature really seems to be against us a little bit. It is also the perfect time to practice disaster-readiness. We want to make sure people can be prepared for the upcoming winter, whether for a real disaster or a practice round."

Home and Garden America is also committed to the overall survival of the planet. This is why they are currently offering a survival seed package that allows people three different things. First of all, they can keep them to be ready in case of an emergency. Secondly, it enables them to start a seed bank, should there ever be a cataclysmic natural event that destroys plant life. Finally, they can use it to grow their own food.

"We only offer non-GMO vegetables in our seed packets," says Chuck Harmon. "Survivalism is not just about making it as a human being, it is about making sure our planet can continue to sustain us. This means we want everything to be completely natural and beneficial not just to the health of our customers, but also to Mother Earth as a whole."

There has been a surge in purchases of the heirloom survival seeds recently. This is believed to be due to the fact that winter is approaching and people are stocking up on their supplies. Additionally, January is the time of year when new growing seasons start again, and people clearly want to be prepared for that in time. Full information on how and when to grow the seeds and when to expect the yield are included with every purchase of seeds through Home and Garden America.


Contact Home and Garden America:

Chuck Harmon
2457 Merrit Dr. Carson City, NV 89701