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Press Release

New Morcellator Lawsuit Claims Device Spread Uterine Cancer

Tracey & Fox reports on a lawsuit filed against a power morcellation device and manufacturing company Karl Storz Endovision, Inc. The lawsuit, filed by a woman in Florida, claims that the device spread her previously undetected uterine cancer. It was filed under case number 14-cv-61086 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Complaints within the suit detail that the woman underwent a supracervical hysterectomy procedure on April 8th of 2013. A power morcellator device was used during this surgery to tear up uterine tissue. During this process, the morcellator also allegedly tore up previously undetected cancer cells, and spread them throughout the woman’s abdominal area.

The plaintiff further explained that testing was performed prior to this surgery that gave no indication of cancer, however, following the procedure, doctors informed her that endometrial stromal sarcoma had been detected within a uterine fibroid.

The details of this lawsuit are synonymous with those in many other lawsuits being filed. Though the manufacturers mentioned in the lawsuits vary, they all make power morcellation devices, and each lawsuit alleges that this tool tore up cancer cells and spread them throughout the body during gynecological surgeries.

Generally, gynecological surgeries involve hysterectomies and myomectomies, where the patient has uterine fibroids. These fibroids can be painful and grow quite large, even causing abnormal bleeding, so they are important to have removed. Physicians removing them used to believe these fibroids were benign, however, it was recently announced by the United States Food and Drug Administration that they now believe that 1 in each 350 women contains undetected uterine cancer within the fibroids they are having removed.

The FDA followed up this finding by issuing a safety warning stating that physicians should reconsider the current use of power morcellation on women because of this substantial risk.

As additional morcellation lawsuits continue to be filed across the U.S., the attorneys at Tracey & Fox are working to ensure that anyone who has undergone gynecological surgery with a power morcellator and later discovered they had widespread cancer is able explore their legal rights. These individuals may be entitled to compensation.

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