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Press Release

New Personal Massager And The Startling Findings When Used After A Physical Workout

Purely Triton Limited, a business based in Hong Kong, has recently released a portable electric massager with an 11,000rpm motor. While the massager is typically used for personal relaxation when a person is stressed out or tired, it has also been found to provide therapeutic benefits to body muscles after a physical workout.

"When we developed our massager, we sought out volunteers to try out the product and give us their feedback on the effect it had on their bodies," according to the company. 102 men and women, who engaged in sports on a daily basis, were selected to try the Pocket Mini Massager for a week on the condition that they write a diary detailing their experience using the product after each daily workout.

What the company found from the detailed acounts of those 102 participants was highly promising. Approximately two thirds of them reported recovering from sprained ankles, muscle cramps and other forms of post-workout wear and tear 2 to 3 times quicker than if they had not used the massager. A dozen people did note, though, that a massage done by a masseur can deliver even better results, but that this product is a good substitute when such a person is not available.

"While we thought the main function of the massager would simply be to provide a relaxing effect on the muscles, thereby decreasing the level of stress hormones in the brain, we had not expected it to have such an additional beneficial effect on people who had completed a physical workout," concluded company officials.

People who take part in physical activities, such as weight lifting, jogging, American football and rowing, usually experience a range of negative side effects. These include the release of various acids into the muscles and blood stream, which in turn cause some of the muscle aches felt after a heavy workout. Sports doctors have known for a long time that when muscles and joints which were heavily used during a workout are thoroughly massaged, that their recovery rate accelerates significantly. Thus, they advise anyone who engages in sports training to regularly seek the help of a qualified masseur.

Many sports centers have masseurs on call and many professional athletes even have masseurs visit them at home. However, this is not something that everybody has time for or can afford. The Triton Pocket Mini Massager offers many of the benefits of a human masseur for someone who needs relief on the spot. The multiple 5 star reviews on their product page testifies to this effect.

Full details of the product can be found at


Contact Purely Triton Limited:

Hitoshi Hirano
Oktyabrskij pereulok 13 - 7, Moscow Russia

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