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Press Release

Indiana Company Announces Benefits Of Spring Vitality's Probiotics And Omega 3 Supplements

Concepts of Spring, a company based in Elkhart, Indiana, has announced a number of benefits that can be obtained from their Omega 3 and Probiotics products. Eva Galvez, spokesperson for Concepts of Spring, explains that the company's Omega 3 supplement offers a certain advantage. "In addition to being suitable for men, women, and teens, we offer an easy to swallow, lemon flavored soft gel that contains adequate levels of Omega 3," she points out. Meanwhile, the Spring Vitality Probiotic Supplement is designed to prevent gastrointestinal problems and boost the immune system.

Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce a number of heart related risks. These are often found in foods such as salmon, fish oil, canola oil, and walnuts. Studies conducted over the past few years show that Omega 3 oil may also be effective in treating hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and arthritis. It has also been noted that a deficiency in this fatty acids may cause sleep and memory problems, and contributes to a number of other health issues.

According to the American Heart Association, consuming about two normal servings per week of fish should be sufficient to get an adequate dosage of Omega 3. Unfortunately, it has been observed that most consumers do not eat enough fish, or other products with Omega 3. This leads to deficiency, which could be addressed by taking the Spring Vitality Omega 3 Supplement.

"Our Omega 3 soft gels are specifically designed to help people get enough of this vital nutrient in their daily diets," states Eva Galvez. "If you have heart disease, high triglycerides, or certain other medical conditions then you need even more than the average dose, and we can help with that."

                                                                    Omega 3 Supplement from Spring Vitality

The Spring Vitality Omega 3 Supplement contains more than enough Omega 3 that is sufficient, even for those who are required to get higher levels. The Spring Vitality product has been found to offer a complete dose of Omega 3, and is designed for use by anyone, not specifically children or adults.

Concepts of Spring urges anyone who would like more information about their Probiotic and Omega 3 supplements, or the benefits that they provide, to visit their Facebook page.


Contact Spring Vitality:

Eva Galvez
+1(347) 560 8951
Concepts of Spring 25883 N Park Ave Ste 3-500877, Elkhart, Indiana, 46514, USA