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Press Release

Joblanda Joins the Fight Against Rising Unemployment with Job Vacancy Listing Website

The unemployment rate in Nigeria now exceeds eight percent. In response to the problem, Joblanda is making employment opportunities more visible to the economically active population at

This press release was orginally distributed by SBWire

Lagos, Nigeria -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2015 -- As of July 2015, the Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics estimates at least 8.2 percent of the economically-active population in Nigeria is currently unemployed. For the country of Nigeria, this means more than six million people are actively looking for work but cannot find any. This not only has a serious impact on individuals and their households, but it can affect the country's economic growth as well.

If people are not working, they cannot contribute to the economic exchange that keeps Nigeria afloat financially. It is with this expanding job crisis in mind that Joblanda has joined the fight against unemployment by creating a website that informs the people of Nigera about employment, career advancement, and educational opportunities. In many cases, just knowing about jobs in their particular field of expertise helps individuals find one that matches well with their level of education and experience. The team at Joblanda understands the importance of helping the unemployed population get back to work, and are committed to the task of doing what they can to assist in Nigeria's economic growth.

Ifemidayo LayGiri, a member of the Joblanda team, explains, stating, "Many people really do want to work, but simply cannot find a suitable job. What we do at Joblanda is to match those people with job opportunities based on their industry, experience, and academic qualifications. Our website is well laid-out so that it's not a hassle for people to find the type of employment opportunities they are currently looking for." LayGiri wants job-seekers to know Joblanda makes it a priority to create an easy avenue for those who truly desire to be productively employed in their field.

LayGiri goes on to say, "We understand how devastating long-term unemployment can be. When a household doesn't have a sufficient amount of money coming in, it can make it difficult to live comfortably and afford basic necessities like food and clothing. Fortunately, Joblanda has a mission to prevent that from happening in Nigeria. In order to drive individual and collective economic growth, we do more than just offer a listing of job openings. We also disseminate information about scholarships and educational opportunities as well as events and initiatives that can help people advance to a better career. We want to assist people In gaining the tools and information they need to live a better life, and we know that finding a great job or career is vital to accomplishing that goal."

"We want our website ( to be the only place people need to go when they are searching for employment in Nigeria," says Laygiri. He goes on to say Joblanda is positively impacting lives by delivering job vacancies and career and education advancement opportunities to inboxes daily. "We are doing our part to help lower the unemployment rate and get Nigeria back to work."

About Joblanda
Joblanda is a website focused on delivering employment, career, and educational advancement opportunities to Nigerians who are seeking them. The website is built on the premise of doing more than just collecting and listing job vacancies. Joblanda also helps to ensure that each vacancy is well-matched to the job seeker by organizing the listings by required academic qualifications, number of years of job experience, and industries of expertise. Joblanda's main goal is to be the go-to website for those who desire the enhanced quality of life that comes with steady, gainful employment and a consistent eye toward upward mobility.

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