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The new theatrical trailer for 10 Days In A Madhouse unveils Wednesday at Rocky Mountain movie theater owners convention

"The new trailer for his highly anticipated biopic 10 Days In A Madhouse - The Nellie Bly Story, starring Caroline Barry and Christopher Lambert will be revealed Wednesday at the National Association of Theater Owners Rocky Mountain Convention."
Cafe Pictures' Marc Bovee believes the new trailer for Timothy Hines' highly anticipated biopic 10 Days In A Madhouse - The Nellie Bly Story will reveal just enough to leave audiences wanting more. The film is set to release in US theaters on November 20th.

Next week from September 1st to the 3rd, the Rocky Mountain NATO Convention will be taking place in Spokane, Washington. On Wednesday at 9am in the morningCafe Pictures will be revealing their brand new trailer for their flagship film 10 Days In A Madhouse - The Nellie Bly Story for convention attendees. For those who are not familiar with NATO, it stands for the National Association of Theater Owners. With over 32,000 movie screens across the nation, and additional cinemas in 82 countries, NATO is the world's largest exhibition trade organization. They provide filmmakers with the necessary tools to show their art to the world.

Exhibition Publicist Shannon Gorman, who worked at Fox Searchlight for 20 years, and Distribution Officer Marc Bovee, former executive at Universal Pictures, are both looking forward to showing the film community the updated trailer. Gorman says, "I can't wait for people to get excited about this movie in the way that I have been excited about it for many months now. It has such a moving story and is beautifully made." Director Timothy Hines and producer Susan Goforth are also thrilled to be revealing their new trailer at an event that will be filled with industry professionals.

10 Days In A Madhouse is an important women’s rights film that accurately follows the 1887 article of the same title, written by Nellie Bly. Women's Equality Day recently passed and this movie is a great way to both celebrate how far we've come and realize how far we've left to go.

In 1887, Nellie Bly made her mark on the world when she reported on the mistreatment of women in a New York City lunatic asylum from the inside. She lived in horrific conditions for ten days and detailed her journey in her book Ten Days In A Mad-house.

Even with its inherent darkness, Nellie Bly's story was ultimately one of triumph. She took down an oppressive institution and became a savior for many. Hines says that "this new trailer emphasizes less of the violence of the film, and focuses more on Nellie Bly's win against the system." 

The original trailer was released in April and has been met with much excitement. This illustrious film stars Caroline Barry as the courageous Nellie Bly and Christopher Lambert as the asylum's head doctor and superintendent Dr. Dent. Award buzz has already begun regarding their performances. The film also stars Kelly Le Brock, Julia Chantrey and Alexandra Callas.

Nellie Bly fans, history buffs, art-house enthusiasts and feminists are all eagerly awaiting the movie's release on November 20th.

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