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SMM Group Announces That Their Oven Mitts Have Been EN407 Certified For Heat Resistance

SMM Group, LLC, a Las Vegas, Nevada based company, which launched oven mitts recently on Amazon, have proudly announced that those gloves have gained EN407 certification for their heat resistance. The company has declared that the oven mitts are resistant to heat up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mike, spokesperson for the SMM Group, explained that the gloves "are made from the same material as a firefighter's suit. Those materials keep firefighters safe from flames and they'll do the same in our grill gloves."

The materials are Kevlar and Nomex. Kevlar is a synthetic fiber that is used as a reinforcing material in a number of products, particularly protective gear like bullet proof vests and helmets. Nomex is a flame and heat resistant material, used most commonly in the creation of flame retardant products such as fireman's uniforms and flameproof suits worn by many racecar drivers.

"Together, those materials create a barrier between a griller and his flame, making it much safer to grill out," says Mike. "Our customers report using the oven mitts for a number of other tasks, too, like stoking fires at campsites and in fireplaces."

Since they hit the Amazon marketplace, the gloves have gained mass popularity. Aside from the obvious flame retardant benefit, they also feature silicone pieces on the fingers and palms to assist with a firmer grip. The company backs all purchases with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime replacement warranty. More about the gloves can be found on the official Grill Heat Aid site or consumers can get more information on the Amazon site as well.

The oven mitts have been flying off company shelves, and have gained nearly 1,500 five star reviews since their launch. The added benefit of flexibility and comfort, due to the soft cotton lining and the lightweight design, are just additional reasons why customers are finding them so helpful.

The gloves fit either right of left handed consumers, are pliable, and can help to eliminate fatigue in the hands while cooking. These are in addition to being the most flame retardant and heat resistant kitchen aid in the industry.



187 E. Warm Springs Rd. Suite B209 Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

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