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Press Release

Sales Of Heat Resistant Oven Mitts Continue To Increase

SMM Group, LLC, a Las Vegas, Nevada provider of grilling accessories, has reported that sales of their oven mitts have continued to increase over the past few weeks. The oven mitts were launched on the Amazon marketplace a short time ago, and have continued as a customer favorite since their first sale.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 17,000 people every year are treated at the emergency room as a result of injuries obtained while using gas or charcoal grills. SMM Group's mitts are specifically designed to eliminate any worries of getting burns when grilling, which is what makes them such an Amazon customer favorite.

"Our oven mitts are designed to protect people from being burned when working with open fires," says Mike, a spokesperson for the SMM Group. "They are made of high quality materials, and are perfect for those who tend to grill out a lot, camp, or just anyone who wants a flexible oven mitt that will really help to prevent kitchen injuries."

The mitts are EN407 Certified and constructed of Kevlar and nomex to help prevent burns. They are made from the same materials used to construct uniforms for firefighters.

Designed by Grill Heat Aid, the gloves protect wearers from burns up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used when grilling, baking, moving wood around in a campfire, or any number of other tasks. Their design makes them comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and is a perfect fit for both right and left handed people.

The mitts are lined with cotton, to ensure they are comfortable to wear, and have silicone grips on the fingers to make them more functional. They are also pliable and flexible, unlike traditional oven mitts.

"I love them," says one very satisfied Amazon customer. "We use them when we grill, when we go camping, and even when we bake."

SMM Group, LLC provides a number of kitchen aides. Their oven mitts are backed by a 100 percent money back guarantee and a no hassle lifetime replacement warranty. Those interested can find more information on SMM Group's official website.



187 E. Warm Springs Rd. Suite B209 Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

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