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Press Release

Dorm Room Essentials for the Nickel Allergic Student

If your student is preparing to live away from home while at college or other residential school, NoNickel has suggestions to add to your packing list to assure a nickel rash free experience!

Jul. 28, 2015 / PRZen / HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- Perhaps like many parents, you've navigated your student through the perils of living with nickel allergy, also known as allergic contact dermatitis to nickel. Now it's time for them to understand the process and begin to manage their own health care needs. First and foremost, provide your student with the knowledge necessary to combat this allergy. Make sure they realize the steps you've taken to protect them from nickel and how they can continue those efforts. Advise them to inform student health professionals of their allergy to nickel so it can be considered in diagnoses and treatments.

In a new location, they may need to become nickel detectives, locating the sources of nickel then protecting themselves from exposure. Nickel Solution™ is tops on the NoNickel packing list. The Nickel Solution kit contains Nickel Alert™ to allow your student to test metal objects for nickel, then when possible, use Nickel Guard™ to provide a proven protective barrier between that source of nickel and their skin. If a new tablet or laptop is part of their back-to-school needs, make sure you find out if the primary surfaces contain nickel. More information is available in the article, "Does Your iPhone or iPad Have Nickel in Them? Test to Find Out."

Many students living away from home for the first time tend to gravitate toward some unhealthy food choices and may pack on a few pounds. If your child may be susceptible to the Freshman 15, they could need a new nickel free belt somewhere around the middle of the school year. Make sure they don't take a risk with belts that are not certified and guaranteed nickel free. The Ridgeline Trail Distressed Belt is a trendy nickel free belt that is proving to be popular among the younger set. With seven sets of holes, this belt can adjust along with your student's needs. For smaller belt sizes, the Double Pin Roller Junior Belt comes as small as a size 28, and also has seven sets of holes for ease in fitting.

Has the nickel in jean rivets and buttons ever caused a nickel allergic reaction for your student? With upcoming cooler temperatures, those jeans will soon be a fashion staple. Consider replacing those potential problems before your student leaves home. NoNickel offers a Nickel Free Button and Rivet Pack that you or your tailor can can use to switch out those troublesome sources of nickel.

Would a new watch help your student get to class on time? NoNickel has several types of Certified Nickel Safe™ watches that are guaranteed to never cause a nickel allergy reaction. If jewelry is on the pack list, make sure it is safe to wear. NoNickel has a nice selection of nickel free post earrings, which are popular on today's college campus. The nickel free dichroic glass posts are "out of this world" as evidenced by the names: Cosmic, Interstellar, Galaxy Quest, and Supernova (pictured). Hypoallergenic watches, earrings, and rings can be found on the NoNickel site, along with helpful information.

Bookmarking the site could be a helpful idea for your student; NoNickel's information pages include topics from nickel allergy symptoms to a nickel allergy diet. Arm your students with knowledge for all the times you may not be just a phone call away. It's an exciting time for your students; tips for managing their health care can only increase their self-confidence as they begin their journey to independence.


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