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Press Release

Just Released: Natural Dog Ear Cleaner Said To Be Even Better Than Home Made Remedies

Dancing Pet Natural Pet Products, a pet care company in Virginia Beach, VA has released an ear wash for dogs and cats that has been shown to be even better than home made remedies or expensive veterinary washes. The product can be seen on The product works very quickly, allowing any problem to be gone in just 2 to 3 days. Dancing Pet Natural Pet Products aims to ensure all dogs, cats, horses and other small animals can go through life without ear problems.

"Our product gets to work straight away, soothing the affected area," says Lois Gallo from Dancing Pet Natural Pet Products. "It takes just two to three days to make the problem disappear. Best of all, it smells really nice as well."

The company also wants to stress how important it is to use the product as part of a weekly ear maintenance routine. It helps to combat infections, but also fungus, ear mites and wax build up. If these problems are left alone, they can cause serious health issues, including hearing loss. While many people choose to use home made remedies, these are often too harsh for pets, even if they are natural such as gentian violet or tea tree oil. These products can sting, stain an animals fur and generally cause discomfort. Furthermore, these methods are not as effective.

In addition to their product, the company has also released significant information on how to clean pets' ears, which can be viewed on The company's website and blog is filled with useful information to help people avoid common mistakes that can lead to serious health problems. One issue that they address in particular is swimmer's ear, which happens when too much moisture is trapped in the ears of animals with floppy ears or thick coats. This can lead to various health problems, but most significantly ear wax buildup, yeast, bacteria and fungus.

The product has been very positively reviewed by pet owners. "Great product!" says Nancy. "I've been an animal trainer and groomer for several years and I like this product the best."

As can be seen on, the product comes with a new cap design that allows for easy and quick application, and stops unnecessary spills. 


Contact Dancing Pet Natural Pet Products:

Lois Gallo
1-855-666-1444 x 203
900 Commonwealth Place, #200-335 Virginia Beach, VA 23464

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