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Press Release

Joshua Pellicer Releases New Edition Of His Bestselling "How To Get A Girlfriend" Guide

Joshua Pellicer is a dating coach and a bestselling author. His "How To Get A Girlfriend" guide (or, as it generally known as "Tao System of Badass - Everything You Need To Know To Be A Complete Badass With Women") reveals most common mistakes men make, teaches how to avoid them and lists unique dating and pick up techniques that "can help any man to get a girlfriend". NewsFive reviews latest edition of "How To Get A Girlfriend" guide in this press release.

Joshua Pellicer used to be just a regular guy who was never good with women. It took him years to come up with his own dating system. "It was brilliant. I started offering coaching classes and I booked up for 3 months in the first day the program was open… That’s when I knew I was on to something. I became a full-time coach and continued my studies. I got pretty popular for a while there: The Today Show, The NY Press, The NY Times, The NY Daily News, etc, etc… I was even made fun of on Saturday Night Live! Hell, Maxim Radio offered me a show all about meeting women, which I accepted and hosted for several years!"

Joshua Pellicer has already taught his system to thousands of men around the world and he claims that now he can teach any man how to get a girlfriend. He discusses most common dating mistakes men make and shows how to avoid them here. Greg Jones has recently bought "How To Get A Girlfriend" guide and here is what he thinks about it:  "If you're a guy looking to improve your chances of getting a girl then you really can't go wrong with the tao of badass. Joshua Pellicer is one of the world's leading experts in seduction psychology, body language and social programming. His techniques and systems are really amazing and leave even the most average of guys with above average powers over the opposite sex."

"Tao System of Badass" consists of several chapters, each one focuses on different things, i.e. meeting women, dating tips, common mistakes every man makes, ways to approach women and tips on how to get a girlfriend and improve confidence. Joshua explains how to get a girlfriend and approach women confidently here.

Joshua Pellicer's "How To Get A Girlfriend" guide includes a step-by-step instruction that has one main purpose: help men of any age and status to get a girlfriend. Joshua says that "it helps men become more confident and finally be able to approach any woman without fear of rejection". According to thousands testimonials "Tao System of Badass" guide is a very effective system that helps men overcome their fears and get women of their dreams easily". Dell Cardle shared his thoughts on the book: "So far so good. The Tao Of Badass is really interesting and the other course content is extremely useful. The course is well laid out, and takes you through an organised system whilst at the same time being categorised in a way that lets you dip in and out of certain sections - for example you're just heading out and want a quick booster to get you through the evening."

The guide includes video courses, audios and free bonuses, such as "Master Class Job Interview Collection." The "How To Get A Girlfriend" guide comes in a form of an eBook (PDF) and is covered by a 60-day no questions asked money guarantee. Learn more about "Tao System Of Badass" dating guide and read testimonial at the official website.


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