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Press Release

Delta One LAX Premium Check-In Turns Heads With Custom Glass from Los Angeles Architectural Glass Firm Livinglass

World renowned Los Angeles custom glass maker Livinglass was called on to help Delta Air Lines complete a massive $229 million dollar restoration at LAX terminal 5 as part of Delta’s new Premium Check-In experience that is being touted as an “anti-paparazzi service” with its option to skip the traditionally arduous LAX check-in and security lines, among other perks. The high end “celebrity” atmosphere of the lounge is accentuated by a stunning “Delta blue” custom glass partition wall known as the Livinglass Kimono. 

The custom blue Kimono decorative glass wall is one of the first things premium customers will experience as they enter the brand new Delta One lounge for elite travelers, and its awe-inspiring vibrant blue hues set the tone for what Delta hopes to be an unforgettable VIP experience.

The renovation of the Delta terminal at LAX is just one of many new facets of delivering a premium customer experience for celebrities and other top-tier clientele in Los Angeles who wish to avoid dealing with the traditional hassles of airline travel, as well as enjoying increased privacy.  For an additional fee, elite customers are eligible for curb-side pickup, expedited security processing, and access to the state of the art VIP guest lobby that features Livinglass Kimono and many other architectural masterpieces created by Southern California artists.

One major reason that Delta chose Livinglass for their Delta One redesign was that their products are eco-friendly. Livinglass is the first architectural glass manufacturer worldwide to offer 100% recycled glass and resin. This fit with Delta’s desire to use environmentally responsible materials to transform the Delta One Lounge into a one of a kind experience that is both luxurious and responsible.  

“Livinglass is the first decorative glass manufacturer in the world to offer 100% environmentally friendly laminated glass at an affordable price without sacrificing quality,” said a Livinglass company spokesman.  “Our patented processes ensure the highest levels of natural beauty while offering excellent safety and durability indoors or out.  And best of all, unlike most of our competitors, our glass is made in America.”

Brett Lee, the President of Livinglass, and his team are no strangers to creating spectacular architectural decorative glass for elite brands. Their creations can be seen in the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas, at the infamous Nobu Fifty Seven restaurant in Manhattan, in the Wynn Macao resort in China and inside elite hotels, restaurants and palaces around the world.

“Our company Livinglass has always been known as an ultra-premium brand,” added a company spokesperson on Friday, “and we are always delighted to help our clients transform their brands as well.  Just the press exposure from our amazing creations alone helps deliver thousands of new customers to their doorsteps and millions of new fans worldwide.” 

In fact, Delta is counting on it.  They are using custom architectural glass from Livinglass in all of their new and upgraded Sky Clubs around the country. 

More information on how Livinglass makes its custom decorative glass eco-friendly can be found at


Contact Livinglass:

Brett Lee
6789 Quail Hill Pkwy #550 Irvine, CA 92603

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