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Press Release

Top Resources Recommendations Dot Com Interviews Top Performers for June 2015

Top Resources Recommendations Dot Com (TRR), a website that accepts nominees for top resources worldwide, is pleased to announce the completion of interviews of recognized top performers from June 1 2015 to June 30 2015.


Dr. Daniel L. Margolin, DPM, founder of New Jersey Foot & Ankle Center and Effective Management, is recognized by TRR as a top resource in podiatry and in staff training for business and practice owners.

“If I were to give any words of wisdom to someone starting a business or practice it would be to ‘Commit before you have it all figured out.’ I think people are sometimes too cautious about life. They want everything to be perfect before they jump in. But the truth is nothing is ever perfect and there is nothing worth doing that doesn’t have some inherent risk. Often when you wait for the perfect no risk situation to develop you jump in when any real opportunity has passed. The greatest risk in life is often taking no risks.”


Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, EdD, MSS, MA, LCSW, owner of Love Victory, is recognized by TRR as a top resource in psychotherapy, specializing in women, couples, career, and family issues.

“The road to happiness does not, at first, take you past smiles. That journey requires you to be emotionally brave to face YOU so you can undo your commitment to a path that traps you in a rut. My job is to make it easier for you to reach out to my hand of help that allows you to do the things that make you afraid to do, personally and professionally. Remember—your past may never leave you, but it doesn’t have to lead you.”


Dr. James Marcum, MD, speaker/director of Heartwise Ministries, is recognized by TRR as a top resource in cardiology, specializing in treating the cause of disease.

“Medicine and healing are not the same. Our bodies are much more complex than science and modern medicine can explain. When we remove money and cultural biases, looking at the evidence, a path of healing can be designed for everyone. The paths are different but there are universal truths. I try to love and not judge moving one step at time. Balance is needed. Truth…Love… Healing”


Dr. Piero, DDS, owner of P., Piero DDS Family Dentistry, is recognized by TRR as a top resource in dentistry, specializing in periodontal disease.

“I am the dentist that does not brush or floss my teeth. That is because I use the Dental Air Force system. This is the only appliance that replaces tooth brushing by removing 60% more bacteria-causing plaque between teeth compared to the electric toothbrush.”


Mr. Steve A Klein, owner of Professional Development Center, is recognized by TRR as a top resource in sales and personal development training.

“When it comes to becoming successful, we need to understand that ‘The things that we are not doing, which are the things we should be doing, are the things that are costing us time and money.’”


Mr. Oswald R. Viva, CMC, founder and President of V&A Management, LLC, is recognized by TRR as a top resource in small business consulting and coaching.

“The title of my book ‘Its Lonely at the Top’ describes the need for my coaching services. Small and midsize business owners feel lonely because they don’t have others in whom to confide their concerns, fears, plans and even goals. Plans to sell the business, for example, cannot be discussed with employees; similarly, changes in organization many times cannot be divulged, but a coach can help with those issues. Of course a coach can also help identifying and resolving problems in the business and weaknesses of its leader.”


Ms. Denise Winston, founder of Money Start Here, is recognized by TRR as a top financial expert and employee benefits broker, a resource that helps organizations through technology and education.

“The ACA Storm is brewing for employers with 50-99 employees and everyone else too – are you prepared? Complexities, pace of change, reporting and new rating structure all add up to high-stakes consequences for employers and their employees. Sticker shock and gridlock is right around the corner for everyone that has a connection with employee benefits. Here are three things you need to know. One, the market will be flooded with new groups required to offer insurance causing gridlock for everyone, two, rate structure will be dramatically different, causing chaos and sticker shock for employers and their employees, and three, undereducated and financially-stressed employees will cost corporate America bucks.”


Dr. Nick Pappas, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, founder of Personal and Athletic Solutions, LLC, is recognized by TRR as a top resource in personal and athletic life coach counseling.

“There’s a saying in hockey, ‘There’s nothing to save it for,’ which means to go all out in everything you do because the only thing that’s important is this moment and the game that is happening right now. This is also a message for everyone to live life to the fullest with passion and purpose from this perspective because if you do, you will never have any regrets regardless of the outcome. At the same time, each and every person is special – not by what they own, what they do, or accomplish – but by virtue of their divine origin which is often forgotten, overlooked, and unrecognized. This means to continuously ponder who you really are, where you came from, what is really important, what is illusion, and where you are going to when this small parentheses (…) we call a lifetime is completed. In the process always remember: ‘No God, no peace,’ so take the remedy seriously: ‘Know God, [and] know peace.’”


Ms. Lyudmila Bloch, founder of Etiquette Outreach, is recognized by TRR as a top resource in cross-cultural and business etiquette training.

“Business etiquette is a philosophy of building and nurturing business relations based on trust, integrity, loyalty, high standards, mutual interests, and open cross-cultural communications.”


Interview transcripts with contact details for the above recognized top resources can be accessed via:



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