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RASIRC Presents Test Results Showing Stable Delivery of Hydrogen Peroxide Gas With or Without Water

Jun 25, 2015 - (Newswire)

RASIRC will showcase technology leadership  in hydrogen peroxide gas for next generation semiconductor materials and processes with a poster session and exhibit (booth #39) at the 15th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition June 28-July 1 in Portland, Oregon. The company will present a second poster at the Atomic Layer Etching Workshop held immediately following the ALD Conference. The posters are titled “In-Situ Monitoring of Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Delivery Systems for ALD” and “Novel Hydrogen Peroxide Delivery Systems for Atomic Layer Cleaning and Etch”.

“The ALD Conference and ALE Workshop are great forums for us to discuss our technology around hydrogen peroxide gas, which we believe will be a critical component in enabling next generation ALD and ALE processes,” said Jeffrey Spiegelman, RASIRC President and Founder. “Test results from in-situ monitoring clearly show that H2O2 gas delivery for ALD can be stable with or without water, and that H2O2 gas can remove carbon from ALD pre-initiation layers to eliminate wet cleaning steps.”

In-Situ Monitoring of H2O2 for ALD

H2O2 gas is more reactive with metal precursors than water and less aggressive than ozone. Process engineers can now deliver high concentration H2O2 gas to process with or without water. RASIRC co-developed an analyzer for in-situ monitoring of H2O2 gas to verify the H2O2 gas concentration flowing to process. Test results using the analyzer clearly show stable H2O2 gas concentration over extended periods of time. Tests were performed on both high concentration H2O2 gas delivery systems and anhydrous H2O2 gas delivery systems.

For high concentration systems using 30% H2O2 liquid source, tests showed stable delivery of up to 5% gas by volume. For anhydrous systems, test results showed stable, consistent delivery of virtually water-free H2O2 gas. Test results will be presented at a poster session on June 30 from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

H2O2 Gas for ALE

H2O2 gas for atomic layer etching enables process engineers to eliminate certain cleaning steps in processing next generation semiconductors. Uniform removal of layers is critical to device performance due to layers now being only several atoms thick, and H2O2 gas is ideally suited to this task. RASIRC will present test results showing that high concentration H2O2 gas can be generated and delivered to process at stable concentrations of up to 5% gas by volume. Preliminary test results with new materials and alternative chemistries will also be shown. The poster presentation will be on July 1 from 6:00pm-9:00pm.

ALD Conference Presence

For more information about H2O2 Gas with or without water, ALD Conference attendees are invited to visit RASIRC in booth #39. Representatives will be available to discuss technologies and test results.

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