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ClusterHQ Among First Ecosystem Partners to Contribute to Docker Plugin Project

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 22, 2015) - ClusterHQ, The Container Data People, today announced its close collaboration with Docker to deliver a data volumes plugin that works with familiar Docker platform tools including the Docker Engine, Docker Compose and Docker Swarm. The Flocker plugin for Docker gives developers the freedom to run stateful containers like databases in production natively from within Docker. The Docker Plugin project, announced today at DockerCon, was set in motion to make it possible for developers to easily use the rapidly expanding set of tools created by the huge Docker ecosystem. The result of this close collaboration, amongst ecosystem partners to build the new dynamic Docker plugin architecture, exponentially grows options available to Docker users. The Flocker plugin for Docker works with the experimental track of Docker 1.7.

The Flocker plugin for Docker, one of the first plugins to be added to the project, enables the portability of containers and their data as a single unit, a prerequisite for many production uses of containers. Flocker lets DevOps teams easily containerize their stateful microservices, thus consolidating their entire distributed application into an all-Docker development and operations environment. With everything running in containers, IT operations can be simplified into a unified set of operational processes. Moreover, making it easy to containerize stateful microservices decreases costs so that far more applications can be run on a given set of hardware. Because Flocker enables easy migration of stateful containers, organizations now have the flexibility to accommodate common IT processes such as routine maintenance and load balancing of workloads across servers. With the Docker plugins project, a broader array of production use cases can now be realized using the Docker platform plus key components from the growing ecosystem.

"When I first met with an enthusiastic group of ecosystem partners at DockerCon Amsterdam last year to start discussions about the plugins project, I was optimistic about the concept of Docker extensions because of what it meant for the health of the Docker ecosystem," said Luke Marsden, CTO and co-founder of ClusterHQ. "The ecosystem that is building tools to extend the capabilities of Docker will contribute immensely to greater uptake of Docker in production. Being closely involved in this project has been invaluable in validating the need for tools like Flocker and we're looking forward to additional collaboration with our peers in the container industry."

During DockerCon 2015, June 22 - 23 in San Francisco, learn about ClusterHQ's Flocker 1.0 at Booth G8, and come hear Luke Marsden, CTO of ClusterHQ, speak about Docker Plugins on Monday, June 22 at 2:50 PM PT.

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ClusterHQ builds container data management software that enables broader adoption of container technology in production environments. DevOps teams worldwide rely on ClusterHQ's open source Flocker software to meet the data portability requirements of distributed, microservices-based applications. Available for download at, Flocker enables containers and their associated data volumes to be easily moved between servers as a single unit, a prerequisite for production operation of stateful application components in containers. Flocker facilitates widespread production deployment of containers for databases, queues and key value stores by making it simple and practical for entire distributed applications to be consolidated into an all-container development and operations environment. No matter where, or what, a container is running, Flocker gives DevOps teams operational freedom to quickly react to market conditions by relocating application containers in response to changing conditions, so that their business can innovate faster and be more responsive. Flocker increases the value of an organization's container investment and opens the door for a greater variety of mainstream enterprise use cases. Organizations can now embrace the portability and massive per-server density benefits of containers for stateful application services, enabling the creation of a new generation of microservices-based applications, and in some cases the replacement of virtual machines with containers. ClusterHQ provides the tools and services necessary for deploying and managing fully containerized stateful applications, simplifying IT processes and delivering on the advantages inherent in containers. We are the Container Data People™.

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