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Press Release

B2B Resource Team LLC Says Click Fraud In Pay Per Click Advertising Should Be Taken More Seriously

Click Fraud costs PPC advertisers millions each year.

Florida-based marketing and advertising firm, B2B Resource Team LLC, is stressing the dangers involved in click fraud in PPC advertising, and offering a solution. According to a study by the fraud-fighting firm White Ops and the Association of National Advertisers, $6.3 billion will be lost to ad fraud in 2015. 

To assist clients and businesses across the world, the company is promoting the use of a new service that provides protection from these instances. The latest in protection from pay per click fraud is called PPC Guardian, and it is offered through'>

The company has stated the following in terms of their experience with Pay Per Click, and their ability to protect their clients' interests in this market: "Anyone can claim to be a "PPC Manager", but that doesn't mean that they have the skills or experience to deliver the very best for your campaign. All of our account managers have proven their skills long before we even consider letting them near your account. It goes without saying that we only work with Google Adwords Certified staff."

Because Pay Per Click advertising continues to be one of the most effective ways to grow local or national business without having to worry about the latest SEO changes, more businesses are experiencing the recent spike in bots rampaging the web and competitors clicking on links they shouldn't be. This drives up advertising costs and is reportedly the main reason that B2B Resource Team LLC supports PPC Guardian, and its ability to protect businesses on the internet.

This method of click fraud protection works by targeting competitors on Google so that they can't see the ads posted by other businesses. It protects those companies from having their ads clicked by competitors and bots crawling the web, which saves money previously being wasted, since each click is paid for by the unsuspecting advertisor.

PPC Guardian uses customized software to find these competitors and hide the fact that businesses are blocking them from viewing their ads. To rivals, the software makes ads invisible so that it will appear as though the business using fraud protection has stopped posting them all together. PPC Guardian describes the process as follows:

"We identify computers that your competitors use to click your ads, and once we find them we stop them from ever seeing your ads by blocking their IP addresses. Often, we find more than one computer/IP for each competitor (for example if they click from home and office)."

Other services provided by the company include Google Adwords Management, Local SEO, Remarketing, and Reputation Marketing. The main focus they provide for clients seems to be their expertise in Adwords, which the team has been working with for more than twenty-five years. They currently offer a free audit on accounts to target waste in Adwords. They have said the following in regards to this portion of their work:

Greg Jordan, B2B Resource Team President said: "Our business is helping clients attract more business.  Our certified Adwords managers have experience with accounts in many countries and markets. Whatever your niche, there's a pretty good chance we've served a business in that industry.  PPC Guardian will help make our clients' ad spend more efficient."

The Sarasota, Florida-based B2B Resource Team LLC invites any business or web user interested in learning more about PPC, Adwords, and other marketing strategies on the internet, to contact them through their website, and regiser for their free newsletter, "The PPC Manager".  They also offer a number of revenue growth services which are meant to suit any business.


Contact B2B Resource Team LLC:

Greg Jordan
941 256 2229
Beaurivage Ave Sarasota, Florida

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