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Press Release

Frozen Pea Fund Aims To Redefine Affordable Lending After Successful 1.2M Seed Funding Bid

Frozen Pea Fund helps people find the most competitive Payday Loan providers, but may be transforming its business practice after successful investment helps fund a fairer loan system.

Payday loans are a controversial but ubiquitous reality in the post-crash economy. More people find themselves unable to make ends meet and must resort to these loans to bridge the gap, leaving them vulnerable to a debt-spiraling effect that can ruin lives. Frozen Pea Fund is a website that offers people the opportunity to get the best payday loan rates from recommended providers, but they are also looking into changing how the business works by providing an even better alternative- decreasing interest loans. They have just secured £1.2 million in seed funding to begin the project.

The new system enables borrowers to incrementally decrease their interest rate as they build trust with a lender, opening up access to greater levels of funding at lower rates, and starting with interest rates much lower than those usually found in Payday Loans. This way new system helps responsible borrowers get out of the debt spiral, and Frozen Pea Fund is aiming to provide this alternative.

Their initial round of seed funding for the venture has proven overwhelmingly successful, with over a million pounds raised so far. Already providing a payday loan application service that aims to help people avoid predatory lenders and work only with recommended providers, this next step will help Frozen Pea Fund provide a competitive, workable alternative.

A spokesperson for Frozen Pea Fund explained, “We have had incredible success in our first round of seed funding, but this is just the earliest stage of the process. We hope to be able to provide this new alternative to payday loans by the end of the year, and if we do, it will be easy for people to see how this loan program has been designed to help people improve their credit scores, build trust with lenders, and access more money at better rates to better secure and develop their future. We are excited about the possibilities, and interested parties should keep checking our website for further developments.”

About Frozen Pea Fund:

Frozen Pea Fund is the internet’s leading payday loan matching service, enabling individuals to find the best payday loan for their needs. The site features a fast and free application service that is then syndicated to recommended providers to ensure users get the lowest rates from competing companies.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Frozen Pea Fund
Contact Person: Katie Gatlyn
Phone: 888-524-6496
City: Illinois
State: IL
Country: United States

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