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Road Improvement Project in Ambergris Caye: The Key in Unlocking Bigger Investment Opportunities for Belize

Jun 17, 2015 - (Newswire)

Road improvement in North Ambergris Caye is unstoppable as the work continuously rolls to its second phase. The road is expected to be 7 miles of paved road that stretches from the Boca del Rio Bridge to North Ambergris Caye. The phase two of the road improvement will have a three stretching miles of paved road from Belizean Shores Resort up to the Portofino/Canary Coves’ mile 6. The paved road has been anticipated to get completed after three months from the joint venture of San Pedro Town Council and the Government of Belize. However, the GOB will be the one who will cover up the cost for paving the road.

The northern road in its second phase will pave all the way to the Blue Reef Resort. But since the water systems might be affected with the road expansion, the San Pedro Town Council still awaits the Belize Water Services’ response with regards to water expansion so that they could start the project. The reason why the San Pedro Town Council got involved in this life-changing project is that they work on placing the speed bumps which will help them deter speeding on the newly constructed paved road. And if this road improvement has managed to finish on time without any hassles, probably, people living in Ambergris Caye will be ecstatic with the news as the road expansion will give them better opportunity to reach places.

Thanks to the undying support of the Belize Climate Resilient Infrastructure Project or BCRIP, the resilience of the critical road infrastructure in North Ambergris Caye will be able to prevent the risk of flooding and other natural disaster that hinders the investment planning and implementation in Ambergris Caye. People who are interested to visit the Caribbean island jewel of Ambergris Caye will find the place greatly accessible. In fact, the road improvement in North Ambergris Caye is said to be the key to boost the real estate market in Ambergris Caye since more and more vacationers and expats will be motivated to relocate to Belize. It cannot be denied that Belize’s long stretches of white sand beach, astounding diverse and beautiful Belize Barrier Reefs, cost and simplicity of living in Belize have been some of the reasons why lots of tourists got enticed with the beauty of this country.

Ambergris Caye has been one of the famous destinations to a tourist who want to escape from the noise and pollution of the city. The island is filled with beautiful resorts, private homes and villas where the swaying palm trees and low-slung docks in shallow reef-front aquamarine paradise keeps many tourists enticed and always have them coming back for more. Since speed is not the primary goal in exploring the island, the island residents and visitors satisfy their self with the beauty of Ambergris Caye by riding on golf carts and bicycles. Yet, with the ongoing road improvement in North Ambergris Caye, it will surely boost the number of tourist visitation and investment in Ambergris Caye.

Coldwell Banker Ambergris Caye Newsroom

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