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Press Release

Free Course By Interweb Marketing LLC Teaches Traffic Conversions Make Money Online

Kadri Egbeyemi, who is the spokesperson for the company, InterWeb Marketing LLC, has announced that traffic conversions is what makes money online, and they have "The most anticipated Traffic and Conversion Secrets" that they would like to share with their customers to make this possible.

Kadri Egbeyemi said that one of the biggest mistakes many online marketers make is focusing on getting traffic to the website, but then ignoring all the other important factors that actually convert that traffic into paying customers. A marketer can only be successful when they are able to implement all of the important criteria into their campaigns, which is to gain as much traffic as possible, turn that traffic into leads, and convert that traffic into paying customers. Kadri added that if only one of those factors is left out of the equation, a marketing campaign will most likely fail.

InterWeb Marketing LLC stated that they now have information that is "Never before revealed by any Internet marketing Guru" to show them exactly how to do this. In order to find out more, they urge all interested parties to Click Here.

The important information that InterWeb Marketing LLC is referring to comes from the website High Traffic Academy. Here, marketers will be shown advanced marketing strategies that one instructor uses to pull in close to 500,000 leads, without spending any money. Those who are interested in getting this information simply need to enter their name and email address, which will then give them private access to the information.

The founder of High Traffic Academy said that, in celebration of the opening of their advanced training series in the High Traffic Academy, they are offering a free gift to all of those who sign up, which is called, Total Domination Engineering. This free course is focused on showing marketers how to get more traffic, leads and then turn all of that into more sales. The idea behind the free course is that when a marketer is able to consistently use the information that has been provided, they will be able to get excellent results in all of their marketing efforts.

Total Domination Engineering is divided into seven stages, which will show the marketer, step-by-step, how to create a powerful campaign. It is also through this free course that marketers will learn a particular strategy that has enabled the instructor to get 500,000 leads without paying any money for it. Included is also information on how to get very high email opt in rates, and to do this with cold traffic. Because open rate is also important, the course will be focusing on how to get a high percentage of open rates. And lastly, there is also a section that focuses on getting high email click through rates.

InterWeb Marketing LLC invites all interested parties to Check Here in order to find out more information about this course. They will be able to watch a video preview on the website, High Traffic Academy, of what marketers can expect once they sign up.


Contact InterWeb Marketing LLC:

Kadri Egbeyemi
556, S Fair Oaks Avenue, Ste 101 #321 Pasadena CA 91105-2656

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