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Why Eco-Development is the Answer for a Sustainable Ambergris Caye, Belize Real Estate

Jun 2, 2015 - (Newswire)

The public got surprised on the eco-plans of Hollywood actor and environmental activist, Leonardo DiCaprio in turning his $1.75 million-worth Blackadore Caye Island into a resort. The plants and animal life, as well as the biodiversity of the island, will be restored, preserved and protected. Half of the 104 acres wild and unpopulated land will feature 68 villas, 48 estate homes, a private clubhouse and other luxurious amenities while the rest will remain as protected wildlife. With these eco-friendly plans of DiCaprio in healing the island where mangroves will be replanted, invasive species will be replaced with native species, the soil and habitat will be enhanced and additional armature for the reef and fish breeding will be created; time will surely come that other nations will convert their islands towards the principles of eco-tourism. In fact, this eco-development program should be done now because the great climate change is threatening the sustainability of islands and coastal areas around the world with ocean acidification, rise in sea levels and habitat pressures.

And among the many islands and coastal areas that should be given much attention, the Ambergris Caye in Belize should never be left out. Belize is a country known for its richness in plant and animal wildlife. And though there are plans for expanding the real estate market in Belize with Blackadore Caye current restoration process ongoing, it is best to have eco-development in the real estate market of Belize for some reasons. These include;

•          Health and wellness – People are rest assured that the air they breathe is unpolluted and could improve the health of people favorably because the place is well-maintained. Each building built is not just a shelter to dwell in on top of the coral reefs and fishes, but this will harness the breeze coming from the seawater to keep the villas cool. Moreover, wellness program with custom designed fitness programs will be implemented.

•          Sustainability – Each building in Ambergris Caye should be powered by the renewable energy harnessed from the sun and other energy that works on the water balance of the area. Infrastructures will be based on the island’s unique flora and fauna where the construction will be guided accordingly to restore the habitat and increase biodiversity.

·         Ecological restoration -    Local organic food, zero fossil fuel used, solar powered living, composted waste systems and eco-friendly materials will be introduced in the area along with the ecological orientation program. The eco-development program will ensure that the habitat will not be damaged and get polluted by the people who will invest real estate property in Ambergris Caye.

People deserve the best and healthy lifestyle, and this will only be possible if eco-development will be integrated with the Ambergris Caye real estate. With the benefits that eco-development can bring to man and the environment, there should never be an excuse why people should skip on it. Eco-development in real estate will make life worth living because all of the finest things that nature can offer will be received as long as the environment is protected and preserved in return. 

Coldwell Banker Ambergris Caye Newsroom

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