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Press Release

Businessmines Offers Easier And Better System For Businesses To Handle Their Online Reputation, a company that specializes in online marketing strategies, is establishing itself as a leader in being one of the best in online reputation management. While the company has already made a name for itself as being the "go to" company for a number of online marketing specialties such as video marketing and paid advertising, local search engine optimization, creating mobile ready websites and providing chat solutions, their online reputation management system is now getting the most attention.

Jorge Barba, CEO of, says that the reason for this is because online ratings and reviews is becoming one of the most important factors that customers will consider when making a decision to buy a product or service. He continued by saying that search engines are also putting a lot of weight on this factor when deciding where a site will rank in their organic listings. Local businesses have come to realize this and are searching for a solution that is able to help them effectively manage their reputation online.

Once customers sign into the online reputation management system, they will have access to various online review sites through the dashboard. The company said that this approach makes it easy for businesses to manage feedback from these sites so that they can gradually, and consistently, grow the amount of positive ratings and reviews over time.

Once everything has been set up, a business is able to send their customers a feedback request. If a customer gives a four or five star rating, they will then be forwarded to the review site in question to write a positive review. However, if the client gives a 1 or two star rating, they will be forwarded to a complaint form, that is only viewable by the company and the client, in order to vent their dissatisfaction and so that the business can try to rectify the problem. This approach is designed to help prevent customers from "bashing" the company on the Internet, and is also an effective way to interact with clients, both happy and unhappy, to provide better customer service.

Businessmines made it clear that no matter how effective a local business' online marketing methods are, or how big the marketing budget is, if they are not able to provide effective online reputation management, it will be very difficult to keep up with their competitors.

The company provides two packages. The first package, which costs $97 per month, is tailored towards business owners or Staff that has good computer skills and can rely on video training in order to use the system. The company said that while this is primarily a self-service package, the interface is easy to use and clients will still be provided with professional advice.

Those that are looking for a hands-off approach or don't feel they have excellent computer skills to make the best from the online reputation management system have the option of choosing the second package, which costs $697 per month. In this package, the company will handle everything for their clients, and will also give them professional advice. Unlike the first package, which also has a setup fee of $97, the second package has no setup fee.

If interested parties would like more information about the system, please click here for more details.


Contact Ethana Online:

Jorge Barba
(415) 528-7818
19 Duntroon Drive Wantirna, Victoria Australia 3152

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