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Press Release

Local Mobile Website Expert Shares How They Help Businesses Reach More Customers

Kintux Mobile, an online company that operates from Brisbane, Australia, has released their highly anticipated information on how businesses are able to reach a greater audience. As a local mobile website expert, their focus is particularly on ensuring that websites will become mobile friendly. Since the recent Google "Mobilegeddon" update, this has become even more important. The goal for this local mobile website expert is to make sure that small businesses in Brisbane are able to reach a greater deal of customers. The company is able to provide creative, strategic and targeted mobile communications with the assistance of in-house experts who have substantial mobile marketing experience.

"Our passion is on delivery strategic, creative and targeted mobile communications," says Charles from Kintux Mobile. "We are able to deliver on our passion thanks to our fantastic team of experts who all have a great deal of experience in terms of mobile marketing. We focus on ROI and mobile usability and we help our clients to provide measurable mobile responses. This is what sets us apart from the crowd."

Kintux Mobile is a true full-service mobile marketing company. This means that they deliver on all aspects of mobile marketing, something that is proving to be increasingly important in today's online world. Their specialization is in providing engaging, innovative and cost-effective websites that are fully mobile friendly and that focus on delivering a return on investment. To achieve this, they help businesses incorporate the most state of the art mobile features as well as specific modules that have been designed specifically to help increase mobile traffic. This, in return, helps their clients, which are mainly small businesses, increase their sales as well.

"We have a very clear scope of development," adds Charles. "We offer full design services that keep the existing corporate colors and brand intact. Additionally, we will do a menu conversion so that mobile traffic can easily access all the different menus and features of the website. This is vital to making sure a site receives high page and authority ranking from Google, who are focusing more and more strongly on mobile internet."

Besides these two vital tools, Kintux Mobile will also help their clients through the technical installation of all the necessary smart mobile redirection scripts, which are needed on the desktop site. Furthermore, they will assist in domain masking, so that the mobile website becomes easy to find and be recognized by customers. Additionally, it includes 1-Tap-to-Call and 1-Tap-to-Email functionality, which will increase user satisfaction with a certain website. To further link into the elements that the Google algorithm finds important, Kintux Mobile also includes a map and location module.

Furthermore, they offer an interactive photo gallery that can be integrated with Flickr and that can include custom images. They also build a contact form that allows businesses to capture new leads straight through their mobile site. Other services and modules include YouTube, coupons and promotions, events and mobile reservations.

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