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Press Release

Revenue Royalties Innovative Corporate Finance Instrument

Revenue Royalties Innovative Corporate Finance Instrument Online Mastery Program Launches May 19

May 14, 2015 / PRZen / CARSON CITY, Nev. -- There is a natural conflict between investors in private companies and the entrepreneurs who run them. The result is most young companies never get the funding they need.

“The Revenue Royalties Mastery Program" is intended to empower entrepreneurs and investors as well as their advisors to resolve this conflict and work together to finance innovation. It launches May 19, 2015 under the aegis of Intelliversity, a public non-profit academy, at

The training program will educate company executives intending to raise capital swiftly while holding onto their equity, privacy and control. Of greatest value, it will empower executives with a full library of resources such as sample term sheets, agreements, projection spreadsheets, presentations – everything an entrepreneur or advisor needs to create and present a winning plan to investors.

The concept of revenue royalty finance was conceived by Arthur Lipper, an innovator in the field of financial services. He pioneered breakthroughs in the fields of mutual fund analysis, stock index futures and mutual funds, through the Lipper Index and the international Lipper Fund Performance Awards. He is a leader in the field of royalty finance, and has published a number of analytical tools to help investors and business owners understand the potential. Arthur is involved with a number of efforts to initiate funds, partnerships, and public securities exchanges focused on revenue royalties.

Live (online) sessions are from 10 A.M. to 11 A.M. Pacific Time (1 P.M. Eastern Time) three times a week for a one-month period. Instructors are Arthur Lipper, Intelliversity Chairman of Board of Advisors, and Robert Steven Kramarz, Intelliversity Executive Director. Calendar of sessions is as follows:

         Tuesday  ––- May 19 –– Program Introduction (Making This Program Work for You)

         Wednesday –– May 20 –– Introduction repeated for convenience

         Thursday ––– May 21 –– Introduction repeat

         Session 1 – May 26 – Amount of Investment

         Session 2 – May 27 – Royalty Rate and Internal Rate of Return

         Session 3 – May 28 – Length of the Royalty Payment Period

         Session 4 – June 2 – Ensuring Contractual Compliance

         Session 5 – June 3 – Redemption

         Session 6 – June 4 – Combining Debt and Royalties

         Session 7 – June 9 – Combining Debt and Royalties (continued)

         Session 8 – June – 10 Pre-revenue and Early-Stage Companies

         Session 9 – June 11 – Royalty Investing in Mature Companies

         Session 10 – June 16 – Special Features to Appeal to Investors

         Session 11 – June 17 – Other Features of Royalties

         Session 12 – June 18 – Series Summation

As part of the Revenue Royalties Mastery Program, participants will gain access to, and assistance in the use of, the suite of online calculators developed by Mr. Lipper for projecting revenue royalty rates and returns, in order to create the ideal terms for a specific company in order to attract investment capital.

Participants will also be given resources to enable successful action in fundraising efforts including:

1.        Profiles and interviews with entrepreneurs who have used Revenue Royalties

2.       Checklist and planning guides to help step through the process

3.       Teleseminars to get the material directly from experts and ask questions

4.       Samples for agreements and presentations.

Price of the Mastery Program is $497.

About Intelliversity

Intelliversity, "The Leadership Academy for Entrepreneurs - Led by Investors," is a 501(c)3 non-profit education and research academy. Its mission is to assist innovators to gain the financial, leadership and execution resources needed to win. To this end, it offers online courses, conferences, assessment tools, publications and mentoring, guided by its own research and discoveries. It serves innovators of all types -- business, non-profits and research. Register at

Intelliversity can be found at, with offices at 318 N. Carson #208, Carson City, NV 89701 and telephone 310.339.5783.

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Source: Interlliversity

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