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Press Release

Arrowhead Landfill Provides Safe Haven for Utilities Disposing of Coal Ash

NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - May 05, 2015) - WORLD OF COAL ASH CONFERENCE -- Green Group Holdings, LLC announced that its Arrowhead Landfill facility is ready to accept coal combustion residuals (CCR), commonly known as coal ash, from utility companies looking to avoid civil litigation risks brought on by the new federal regulations.

The recently published Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations on CCR establish disposal standards, monitoring obligations, and associated public reporting requirements for CCR landfills, most commonly owned and operated by utility companies. However, the new rule does not address enforcement, meaning interpretation and enforcement of the rule will ultimately be determined as a result of civil litigation, putting utilities that dispose of coal ash in CCR landfills at serious risk.

Beginning in October, when the rule becomes effective, citizens will be able to sue a utility to enforce any of the rule's requirements.

As a municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill, Arrowhead is not subject to the new EPA regulations and is ready to accept coal ash immediately. In fact, disposal of coal ash at Arrowhead will exceed the standards established by rule, creating for utilities a "safe harbor" solution not subject to further interpretation or dispute, and a clean transfer of obligation.

"Arrowhead Landfill has already proven capable of handling coal ash, having successfully disposed of more than four million tons of CCR by our affiliate partner Phillips & Jordan," said Ernest Kaufmann, CEO, Green Group. "With rail access, a geographic reach that allows us to serve 33 states, and an environmentally ideal location, Arrowhead is uniquely well-positioned to meet this need."

The landfill, which is permitted by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), is located above the Selma Chalk, one of the most impermeable naturally occurring clay formations in North America, making Arrowhead one of the most environmentally sound disposal facilities in the nation. Arrowhead has never received a Notice of Violation from ADEM and maintains financial assurance for closure and post closure monitoring in accordance with state requirements. For more information on Arrowhead Landfill, visit:

About Green Group Holdings

Green Group Holdings, LLC is an environmental services company that specializes in the planning, implementation and operation of waste disposal, recycling, reuse, and restoration projects. These projects are designed with the environment and safety as our highest priorities, with an approach that provides significant value to the communities in which they are located. For more information, visit,

Affiliate Partner of Arrowhead Landfill: Phillips & Jordan.

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